Honey Jar, anyone?

In light of recent social media rants about the ineffectiveness of some of the more uncomplicated ways of performing conjure, I felt the need to re-approach the subject from a Swamp Witch’s perspective. Now, my perspective isn’t the end all, be all – but it’s the way I see things, as well as my reasons why.

One of my favorites types of swamp conjure or any magick, really – is sympathetic magick. It involves using personal concerns, or tag locks, to solidify the connection between the work you are doing, and the person it involves.

As a direct theory, it basically says that once two items are in contact with each other, they will continue to have an influence over the other, even after they are separated. This is known as the Law of Contact, or Contagion.


Jar spells, also known as container or bottle spells, are a form of sympathetic magick. 

These types of container spells have been around for centuries. Witch Bottles, dating back as far as the 1600’s, have been found filled with everything from hair and nail clippings to powdered herbs and rusty nails. Contemporary hoodoo practices and other forms of folk magick use these types of spells, even today. And, depending upon how they are used, and what they contain, they can be used for many purposes. It is common thought that they can only be used for love – but this is completely incorrect. Just a few of the uses can include things like love drawing, money and prosperity drawing, court case and legal workings, healing and blessings, protection and much more. On the flip side, sour jars (which again, are jar spells), can be used for all manner of destruction: binding of enemies, breaking up couples or relationships, ruining a business, even hot footing co-workers.

One of the most common is known as a Honey Jar. It uses sweeteners, such as honey, syrup or molasses, to sweeten the target to a desired action or outcome. 

Honey jars are probably one of the simplest, most versatile, and yet most powerful tools in a magickal arsenal. They utilize small glass jars with tight sealing lids to accomplish the work. Herbs, stones, curios, objects, personal affects, oils – nearly anything that you can fit in the jar, can be used. A written petition or wish is a required component, as is a prepared candle.


Before you begin your honey jar, gather up all personal concerns that you would like to use for this jar spell. These can come from a very wide range of items. Some of the most common are:

Love and Matters of the Heart: photos, hair, fingernail clippings, skin, any body fluids (urine, saliva, sweat, semen, vaginal fluids, menstrual blood), worn clothing, handwriting samples, something chewed, smoked or spit out. Paper with their name on it. An item they have handled. Even dirt that they have walked upon (the best here comes from an actual footprint!)


(hair clipping – one of the easiest taglocks to add to a jar spell!)

Prosperity/Money: coins and paper money, bank statement, copy of a bill, dirt or stones from a bank parking lot, photos of a potential home or real estate ad, resume, job description or want add, lodestones, business cards


(Real shredded money – quite common in conjure work)

Protection: mirrors, a piece of weapon or shield, sigil or family crest, chunk of iron, old keys, a lock, psalms, small crosses, protective stones


Crossing/Hex: anything listed above, and anything that could cause harm, literally, to your target: broken glass, ashes of burnt building, dried bugs, bones, baneful herbs.


You will also want to use oils, powders and herbs that can help facilitate your desired goal. Money and love-drawing herbs and oils, seduction oils, and the like.

Begin by laying out all of your components on your altar or work space. Now, the beauty of honey jars is that they can be quite complicated, or quite simple – depending upon how you choose to look at it.

The following is an example of how I perform honey jar work for myself, as well as my clients.

I focus on what I most want to accomplish with this spell work. You must know your intent – trust that it will work! As I focus, I will usually add a drop or two of one of my favorite conjure oils to the palms of my hands and rub them together, focusing on my intent. I will then add another drop to my hands. I rub the oil around the inside of the jar as well as the lid, speaking to the spirits as I do this. I tell them, and any Deities I choose to work with, what my intent truly is. I explain to them what the spell and candle are for.

I then move on to the candle. With most Honey Jars, you are working with drawing magick, bringing something to you or into your life. The way I was taught to anoint a candle for this is to hold the candle by the middle, with one had. Pretend that you are at the center of the candle. With your other hand, using a finger, dab some oil on the wick end of the candle and draw the oil towards the middle. I then do the same thing from the bottom of the candle, again, drawing towards the middle. This is symbolic of drawing things to you. As I do this, I tell the spirits what my desires are. 


(Attraction & Seduction Oil – only at Inexplicable Things! HERE!)

I will then usually add some conjure powders, as well. I like to place a tiny amount in the palm of my hand, focusing again on the intent and trust that it will come to be. I tend to consecrate my work space, as well as the work I am doing. To do so, I blow the powder over my work space. 

Moving on to the petition. I try to use parchment paper, or brown paper, when I can – but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what type of paper you use. A common style of petition writing is to write the target’s name across the paper, 3-9 times, each time below the last.

John Smith

John Smith

John Smith

Turn the paper a quarter turn and write your name the same number of times, on top of the target’s name – basically crossing them. You can also include a date of birth, an address, anything symbolizing the individual’s involved. If you would like more ideas on how to write petition papers, please feel free to contact me HERE..  


(Example of Petition by Carolina Dean!)

Finally, I like to add some of the powder to the center of the paper, and then fold it towards me, three times. I then place the petition inside the jar. Along with the petition, I place any personal items that I have for this conjure. If I am using photos, I will place them face to face, and fold them together and then put them in the jar. 

I also add the remainder of the powder to the jar, and any left over oil. I almost always have other herbs on hand, and curios, that I like to include: magnets, etc. The beauty of Honey Jars – is that there really isn’t a wrong or right way – you can use as many, or as few items as you see fit. 

Now, it’s time for the sweeteners! I try to use good quality local Louisiana honey, when I can. I also like to add cane syrup – which is known to help speed things up! And with the spirits… they like it if you take a little taste of the honey for yourself!

Once you have your sweeteners taken care of, it’s time for the spirits… they get their shot too, chere! Spirits for the spirits! – a bit of offering. I usually prefer rum, but whiskey will work! Always remember to take a tiny shot for yourself, too!

Now – seal that jar tight!

Take a nail or something sharp and carve the name of the target, or what you are drawing in, on to a candle. I like to carve it on all sides. If I am working at bringing a person around, I will include their name and date of birth. If I am doing work for a client that just wishes for their Mr/Mrs Right, I will write something like “unknown lover”.  Spirits will know your intent.


I will then light the candle and place it next to the jar. Some folks burn theirs on top, I usually burn mine in front of or next to the jar. My reasons for this are that I usually work a jar for many nights. If there is a candle on top, you can’t easily pick up the jar and shake it. And it is important to shake that jar, every single day. Shaking it causes changes, motion, fluidity. Without those things, your working will become stagnant – and quickly! I was taught that you must shake the jar to see real manifestation like you desire.

I will often use a large plantation taper for this working, or a 7 Knob candle. I like to burn one knob, each day, for 7 days. Seven is a powerful number. It symbolizes perfection and security. It is also representative of extreme focus. It is considered a “lucky” number and it contains the number 3 of the heavens and the soul, as well as the number 4 of the earth and the body. There are 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 days in a week, and it was, after all, Snow White and the 7 Dwarves! If you are interested in 7 Knob candles, please visit HERE. We offer them, hand-poured and charged, in nearly any color under the sun. I will also load and fix them for you with oils and herbs, specific to your needs. 


(7 Knob Candles – Inexplicable Things!) 

Now, what you do with the jar and remnants afterwards is completely up to you. It is often very dependent upon the type of working performed, as well as the desired outcome. Sometimes, jars are kept safely hidden until the desired results are manifested – at which time they are then buried. It’s not uncommon to hide them in the back of closest or under the bed! They can be buried, both on and off your property, in a cemetery, you name it! They can be tossed into moving water (or stagnant water as is the case for the Swamp Witch) – but the Swamp Witch does not facilitate the pollution of our waterways, or Mama Earth. So don’t toss away your glass jar – rather open it and release the contents. Reuse that jar, baby! Those ain’t that cheap! Same with candle wax – I try to find someone that will incinerate my candle wax rather than bury or toss it out in the trash or into water. More on the reasons why later.

And finally, workings can be left at the Crossroads.

More on Spell & Jar Disposal coming soon!

I apologize for the long post, but it’s important to understand that honey jars aren’t simple and ineffective. They work, folks – quite well – and while there is more to conjure than just honey jars – why overlook the easiest thing in the arsenal?!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this!
    I appreciate what you do and agree totally that honey jars can be very versatile.


    1. Thanks hon – those that use, know! 😉 Easy, but still effective!


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