In an obscure Louisiana bayou, there sits a quiet little house. It’s filled to the brim with candles and potions, old books and sun bleached bones. Drinking horns, old oak leaves and dried herbs. Kitty whiskers and sea shells. Look closely – amidst the witch’s hair, you will find Inexplicable Things.

Who is Inexplicable Things?

Mama Sha’ & Mr. Kelly

Mama Sha’ – Bayou Queen & Cajun Swamp Witch extraordinaire, brings her own brand of genuine bayou style Swamp Magic, with pieces of Rootwork and Southern Conjure at its heart. She also incorporates her own deep ancestral roots of Norse Spækona, Seidr and  Læknir  magicks,  as well as those folk magic practices from Scotland, the British Isles, and other Northern European traditions. 

Mama Sha’ has a very unique and close working relationship with Death and all manners of deities associated with the aspect. Necromancy and working with land spirits is a cornerstone of her practice. 

She also specializes in healing arts and fertility – but also has a knack for chaos and creating change . 

Mama Sha’ has been been on her unique path for over 40 years. Her love of spellcrafting and magic started before she could even walk. Surrounded by magic as a child, true to her roots is how she was raised. 

When asked to describe herself, Mama Sha’ will often say:

Country Girl * Swamp Witch * Army Veteran * Bayou Queen * Bowhunter * Pirate * Mountain Girl * Diva of Death * Sea Witch

Mr. Kelly brings the spiritual expertise, divination and work in the spirit realm that can only come from a Warrior Shaman path. 

His journey began around the age of six. Filled with twists and turns, the journey was not always a smooth one.  

Now, after nearly five decades of traveling his path, he devotes over 12 hours a day, to assisting others. 

As a tribal Gothi and warrior shaman, of both social and local communities, he offers spiritual guidance, meditative teachings and instruction on how to connect with one’s ancestors,  as well as manifest one’s desires. He truly enjoys helping individuals on their particular paths. 

Be warned, Mr. Kelly often offers TOUGH love. 

You may not always like what he is telling you – but if you truly listen to what he is saying, what Spirit is saying thru him, you will see how much he is truly trying to help. 

Sometimes, we all need that old sea captain to help us navigate the choppy seas. 

Mr. Kelly also mentors students as a part of Swamp University as well as creating content and teaching videos for our Patrons. 

What do we do?

Today, from our little corner of the bayou, Inexplicable Things is proud to offer hand crafted items. We make hand dipped and rolled pure beeswax ritual candles, home blended recipes for our ritual oils and powders, herbal teas, gris gris and ritual kits.

Mama Sha’ does alot of work with the land spirits and in return, is able to offer a great many pieces of art and curio that are in the form of animal bones, feathers and other organic materials.

She also performs many services for our clients’ needs. These include Fly-Away Spells, Candle Blessings, Full Rituals, as well as Necromancy.

Mr. Kelly performs a wide variety of Spiritual guidance – from helping you learn to do shadow work and bloodwalking to finding the best way to connect to your ancestors. So if you have questions, he is the best person to talk to.

He also enjoys woodworking, leathercraft and making mead.

Together, we consult, guide, teach, and above all, care.

Practicing ancestral magic, we believe in the true concept of One Tribe. We believe that to become One Tribe, we cannot exclude, ridicule or condemn one philosophy, culture, religion or path, over another.

We believe that One Tribe is achieved through diversity and individuality, but standing together, united.

One Tribe is about family, community and celebrating all cultures, all paths and all walks of life. Accepting your neighbor, for who they are!

So, welcome, to our family and our Tribe.  

The door to Inexplicable Things is always open, the sweet tea is always fresh and everyone seems to come away with lagniappe (a little somethin’ extra) – 

So, c’mon, allons (let’s go)!

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