Abundance – Finding It and Letting It Go

In metaphysical terms, we often look to the vibrations that surround abundance and prosperity, in order to adjust our own vibrations to match them.

But do we really?

I see so many folks that want to acquire more money – from basic reasons of needing to pay a bill or debt, all the way up to becoming independently wealthy. But the problem I see with this is that the magic they do or purchase is often centered around ‘wanting’ more. Notice that key word: WANT – if you are constantly putting out the vibrations that resonate with the idea of wanting (or lacking for something) – then this is what the Universe sees and feels. Do this long enough and the Universe believes this is exactly what you want: the feeling of always wanting, but never having.  So, every time you ask for help in ‘wanting’ – they bring you more of those same energies.

We must change our mindset about this. This is why it is important to learn how to write petitions, speak prayers and raise our vibrational frequencies to match those of abundance. I often try to help my clients reword their petitions to reflect this.

So how can we change our perspective about abundance, wealth, and prosperity? It starts by raising your vibrations to match, as well as understanding a few key things about abundance.

I think Deepak Chopra explains some of the key elements when he speaks about the 7 Laws of Abundance. He lists them as: (Deepak Chopra, The Metaphysics of Money – 7 Laws of Abundance, the biohack.org, 2021)

  1. The source of 7 Laws of Abundance is boundless
    • Boundless ways to make money. Don’t like your job, you can change it, or learn that you can produce abundance in a variety of ways. Abundance is not a zero-sum game. Once you accept the fact that there is an unlimited source of abundance, it helps open new doors.
  2. Whatever you want to receive, begin by giving
    • I love this one – metaphysically, we see this as offerings. Speaking of actual money – the tighter you hold on to it, the faster it will go. Release your grip a bit – give freely and often and without expectations. It will always come back in so many unanticipated ways.
  3. Money is the exchange of values
    • Provide something of value and folks will follow. We get what we offer. If you offer crap, knowingly, it will be returned upon you. Don’t take money for services you knowingly will not provide or will only half heartedly do. Don’t take money for shoddy workmanship when you know you could do better. Don’t take money for a product you didn’t make but claim you did. Provide value – to customers, to clients, to readers, to viewers, to yourself! And the abundance will follow.
  4. Wealth is a state of consciousness
    • It is a state of mind. Being wealthy doesn’t mean you have more cash than the next guy. Just because someone has more money, does not make them more or less wealthy than you. It begins in your mind. If you learn the skill of finding beauty in every single day, be inspired to create, be inspired to smile and enjoy all the things around you: family, friends, nature, possibilities yet undiscovered – then you are more rich than a person that has a huge bank account. Abundance and prosperity come in many, many forms – be aware that it isn’t always monetary.
  5. Objective and attention is in the field of unlimited possibilities
    • Basically, don’t be short-sighted. If we ONLY focus on what is immediately before us, we will never see the larger picture. You must believe in the infinite possibilities. Focus more on the destination – not the journey in getting there. If you believe you are stuck and, in a hole, you may remain stuck in that hole for a very long time.
  6. Law of Detachment
    • Let go. Period. One of my favorite quotes from Deepak is “Holding on to anything is like holding your breath. You will suffocate. The only method to get anything in the physical universe is by releasing it. Let go and it will be yours permanently.” – Deepak Chopra
  7. The purpose of wealth is producing delight
    • Stop putting excess pressure on yourself. The ultimate goal of wealth is to develop delight – for yourself and those around you.

There you have it.

The keys to raising your vibrational frequencies in order to create abundance within your life.

Speaking from experience, these laws have proven valuable in my life. Mr. Kelly and I have been saving and saving all we can for a future goal. The goal is not one achieved overnight and we know this. Recently, we had to make a decision about spending some of that savings – ultimately taking it away from our main goal – and with current economic climate, not knowing when we would be able to start putting that borrowed amount back. However, we made the decision based upon the priorities before us, the short-term future, our overall happiness and finally, the benefits that would come to us if we muscled through and did this.

I rarely (yes, I mean rarely) do any sort of spellwork for ourselves. It’s just not something I believe in doing – simply because I believe the Universe helps keeps my family balanced, as a family we still have lessons to learn, and overall, my abilities are best put to use helping others. My family reaps spiritual rewards from keeping it this way. So when we had to let go of a sizable amount of our future savings for something of a more immediate need, I didn’t necessarily do spell work for abundance. But rather, I did a blessing. A blessing of the funds so that the person (families) these funds went to would see and feel the abundance and that my family would eventually realize the return of this ‘offering’ in innumerable ways – whenever Spirit sees fit, to bring that abundance back to us.

Blessing the funds – to help those that receive them, as well as return to us when the time is right.

It has been a few weeks now, and I can tell you – the feelings and overall vibrations since doing this have increased in countless ways. The rewards of doing this have begun coming back to us in ways I never imagined. So obviously, the blessing of abundance I did was received and welcomed.

Set your vibrations to what you want out of life. Keep your focus on the goal but allow Spirit and life to dictate how you get there. Enjoy the process and learn from the trials and tribulations. Share what abundance you do have, freely and without expectation. Let go of everything else.

If you ever need to chat about short term or long-term goals, questions about raising your vibrations, how to bring in more abundance, or anything of the sort, please know that myself and Mr. Kelly are always happy to help in any way we can – even if you just need someone to listen or bounce ideas off of. Hope this blog and sharing my personal experience helps you in some way.


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