Road Openers and Block Busters: What’s the Difference?

One of the most commonly requested types of rituals is a Road Opener.

Their power, when done with focused intent, is like none other!

Many folks think ‘block buster’ when they feel blocked – which makes sense – but ALWAYS start with a Road Opener first.

Think of it this way: Road Openers are like a spare ring of keys to the doors in your life. You have a key for every door, sort of a like a janitors set of keys.

Blockbusters, on the other hand, are more like a bulldozer – which can be good, but also very bad.

Spirit allows things to come to us when we need them, or when we are actually ready to face them – and not a moment sooner. That block buster bulldozer will knock down the dam to the river and allow EVERYTHING to come flooding your way, all at once. Not a good idea! Many things we are either not yet ready to face, or the fact that they all hit at once can be exceptionally overwhelming and actually do a great deal of harm to our lives. Sound harmless – but babies, it’s not. A block buster, when done incorrectly, can really create a hot mess in your life!

Road Openers can be a powerful way of removing blockages and obstacles in our path, unlocking doors that were previously locked and clearing the way to our full potential in most areas of our life.

It is important to mention here that before doing any type of obstacle work, always do a divination to help determine where the obstacle truly lies. If you are adept at doing your own divination, great. But if you are not, we highly recommend making an appointment with someone that doesn’t know anything about you/your life. Friends, family or even coworkers that are readers are great, but folks that are aware of your current situations are often sympathetic to your feelings – even at a subconscious level. Biased feelings can sometimes get muddled into our readings and be reflected back upon friends when we do readings, even when we don’t mean to. So the best option is to work with someone that is recommended, but really doesn’t know much about you. This will give you the most accurate reading at that time.

The following is a great Road Opener that can work well.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 small or medium orange candles
  • Watercress Oil or Road Opener Oil
  • Paper/Pen for Petition
  • Small finishing nail, needle or something sharp to carve with.

On one of the orange candles, use the sharp instrument to carve the names of those things that you feel are blocking your path. Be as specific as you can. When you are finished, dress the candle with your oils.

On the paper, write down the things you would like to see really prosper and take off in your life: money, business, love life, social status, etc. These are the things that will receive blessings.

On the other orange candle, use the needle/nail to carve your name – all over the candle. Carve it as many times as you can fit it. Dress the candle with your oils. Place your petition under this candle.

Light the first candle – this being the candle that has the obstacles carved on it. Some folks like to recite a Psalm here (Psalm 23 is very common). Light the black candle first. If you want, recite Psalm 23 – this is very common for this type of work. You may reach out to any Deities that you have worked with in the past, or your very own ancestors. (Do NOT reach out to Deities that you have not worked with before and do not go to your ancestors if have not been venerating them. One of the worst things to do is only go to spirits when we need something with out giving them something back. Do not make that a habit!)

Focus on this orange candle for 5-10 minutes. Visualize your blockages disappearing, your keys unlocking all the doors before you. At this time, you may extinguish this candle if you wish, or you may allow it to burn for a few moments while you begin the other candle.

Now, light the second orange candle with your name carved all over it. As you do, see the path before you smooth out and widen, see doors unlock and open, see bricks of obstacles fall to the ground. Feel gratitude in your heart for the help you are receiving. Be thankful for the blessings in your life that you already have. Sit quietly and focus again, for about 10 minutes, before extinguishing this candle. (Only sit and focus on these candles for as long as you can maintain your focus on these candles and nothing more: no cell phones, no television, no kids, no pets, not cooking dinner – just you and the candle flame. When you can no longer focus or other things call to needing your attention, it’s time to put your candle work up for the day!)

Repeat this process for 7 days. At the end of the 7th day, if the candles are not spent, allow them to burn out completely. Gather up the remnants of the first candle and place in your own trashcan the day the trash will go out and be taken away. This is symbolic of those things being removed from your life.

Take the remnants of the second orange candle to a truck stop or busy gas station near a cross roads. Any store near a busy intersection will do nicely. Toss the candle remnants into their trash dumpster. This is same energy as burying at a cross roads.

I have been told when explaining this ritual that ‘Mama Sha’, cross roads still exist.’ Yes, babies, I am aware – but we gotta STOP burying things in nature, leaving our trash (even candle wax) out in nature. Stop tossing things into moving bodies of water. Stop burying things in the ground. Unless they are biodegradable – these things never go away. We have a much larger population nowadays than our grandparents and great-grandparents did – we MUST start thinking about our ritual work and conjuring responsibly! Taking things to a dumpster does not change the energy one bit! It’s STILL a crossroads and it’s still busy! Same energy! And spirit isn’t ignorant – they know what you seek!

You should start seeing changes and blessings within a week or two.

May the roads before you, be forever open!


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