Send that Shit Back

Send that Shit Back Where it Came From!

Someone done you wrong, baby?

Need to defend yourself by reflecting the wrongdoer’s evil intent back on him or herself? Want to ensure the target will not only fail to harm you any further but will actually suffer the consequences of what they have tried to send your way?

Return to Sender

Gather up the following:

  • A wooden hinged box (you can them on Amazon, at Hobby Lobby, etc)
  • Small mirrors (again, look to the Craft store, or Amazon)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Grey Candle
  • Reversing Conjure Oil
  • Small piece of cloth (about the size of a sheet of paper)
  • Personal effects belonging to the target (if possible)
  • Photo of the target (if possible)
  • About 2’ of string
  • Ace of Spades from a playing card deck
  • Small piece of parchment paper
  • Pen

Acquire a hinged wooden box from a craft store. Affix mirrors inside with hot glue. During a Dark Moon, create a poppet of the person doing damage. Use any personal effect that you may have: photo, piece of clothing, hair, nail clippings, saliva, etc. Use a piece of fabric to create a small poppet of the person.  Miss Sha’ has a great video on YouTube of how to make a quick no-sew poppet for use. Check it out!

If you have nothing that belongs to the target, use an Ace of Spades card in it’s place. Write their name and as much information about them as you can on the back of the card. Dress the card with reversing oil. Also dress a grey candle with reversing oil and light it. *Grey candles are the perfect color for letting go, releasing negative energies, as well as sending shit back where it originated!

If you work with Deities, choose a God or Goddess associated with vengeance and seeking revenge – such as Cailleach or Nemesis. You can call on the Norse God, Vidar, or even Erzuli Dantor who is best known for her protection from violence, but also her strength and vengeance. Explain to them, in detail, what you are seeking and why.


Hold the poppet tightly in your hands and visualize your target being overcome with suffering, difficulty and chaos if they send any additional energy your way. Place the poppet, any remaining items you have, and the photo or Ace card, in the mirror box. Forcefully close the box. Seal the box with wax from the grey candle.

You will want to bury this box in a cemetery. Depending upon what type of outcome you want, will determine where you choose to bury it within the cemetery. Bury it on the south end of the cemetery if you are seeking vindication. Opt for the east side if an apology is more what you seek. The west will cause remorse and ultimately, the north side works well if you don’t want to hear from this person ever again.

Once buried, walk away and do not look back.

Army of Grey

For guidance, more information about this working, or suggestions – please feel free to reach out to Miss Sha’ at Inexplicable Things.


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