My Spell Didn’t Work . . .

What happens when you find a spell that seems to fit your needs to a tee. You collect all the components, you learn the words, you mix and blend, dress and anoint, you light the candles, you put it all out there . . .

And you wait –

And you wait some more –

And you wish and you hope and you say prayers. . .

And Nothing. Absolutely Nothing!

What do you do?  Do you try again?

Go online and seek help? Pay a worker to do the work for you?


Far too often, professional workers see folks that just don’t give enough time for something to manifest. What we see most often is people casting a spell, then another and another – with little to no time in between.

Or, we sometimes see confused intentions.

‘I want the love of my life to come to me’ – is not the same thing as ‘I want the love of my life with me’, which is not the same as ‘I need the love of my life to ____’.

Technically, all three of these messages would be incorrect to put in a petition for spirit. Spirit does not care about what we WANT – however, more often than not, spirit knows what we truly NEED. A petition or prayer, should be our acceptance and understanding of what we would like spirit to help us with.

So what should we do?

If what you sent out did not manifest, take the time to reflect.

  • Was the expectation realistic and truly attainable?
  • Have you allowed enough time for it to be physically manifested? Remember, patience is a virtue.
  • Did you miss a clue or hint for you to take action in order to help the manifestation come to pass?
  • Were there warnings within the working, telling you to stop or refocus?
  • Are you struggling somewhere else in your life and spirit would rather you focus your energies there?
  • Are you in the right place, on your path, for what you are seeking?

Have faith in yourself. Not the dirty word some of us are ashamed of, but true-blue faith in ourselves. To have faith in ourselves, we must believe. And we must be able to keep promises and commitments we make to ourselves. We need to understand that magick begins with self-respect first and foremost, and you have to be willing to put in the work yourself.  If we don’t, the Universe sees this as being vague – and in turn, will give us vague results.


Magick spellwork doesn’t work with just hoping and wishing something will magickally appear or happen. It doesn’t work that way.

We must be willing to put in the time and effort.

We have to understand what we are truly seeking and that it is right for us.

We have to have patience for what we are seeking and what we are putting out in the Universe. Too much work/spells can have negative effects – less is sometimes more.

We have to be mindful of potential clues, warnings, signs – even the simplest thing can be a sign or message.

We have to make sure that we are in the right spot for this to work – are there other areas of our life that need work before this comes to pass? We don’t want to bring in a new love when our finances are screwed up and we are on the verge of being homeless, right? That isn’t fair!

Again, realistic expectations. You can’t be seeking a windfall of money to pay off a mortgage when you are making minimum wage and not willing to take on more shifts at work. Believe me, I have been asked to work prosperity for folks not willing to get off their ass and go to work, but they want to pay me $50 to work a spell that will bring them $250k – um, no! It doesn’t work that way!

The point of this entire blog is that if you have put magick out there and it hasn’t manifest – there is likely a good reason. The Universe is trying to tell you something.



2 responses to “My Spell Didn’t Work . . .”

  1. WalkingContradictionofaWitch Avatar

    This reminds me that i need to do better about doing divination before i do spellwork…..alot of time a little divination will let you whether you should be doing the work or not but i typically forget this unless its something major


    1. Absolutely!! And thanks for the comment. And yes, alot of folks don’t look to divination before doing any work – is what we want really feasible?!


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