Tips for Conjuring Abundance

We all know that working a spell for quick financial gain will not alleviate the need to repeat the spell at a later time. What we need to do is look for ways of increasing our abundance, each day, long term – so the need for the singular prosperity spells becomes a thing of the past.

From cultures around the globe, we see similarities in charms, talismans, herbs and stones. Therefore, there must be some validity, wouldn’t you think?


Wealth Powder

  • 3 parts egg shell
  • 1 part dried dill
  • 1 part dried basil
  • ½ part ground cinnamon

Grind them all together and use for money, wealth and prosperity spells. Sprinkle around your home.

Carry abundance charms, such as a 4-leaf clover. Some cultures feel the 4 leaf clover is a sign of bad luck, while others see it as very beneficial. Each leaf bestows some level of wealth or happiness into your life. Upper right is said to bring love, while the upper left brings wealth. The lower right grants good health and the lower left brings you fame.


Create a small pouch – using green material, sewn with gold thread. Add stones of prosperity, such as aventurine, pyrite (fool’s gold) and peridot. Add three silver coins, a pinch of lavender and a pinch of borage. Sew it up. Carry it on your person for abundance.

Obtain a new dollar bill from a bank. Cleanse and empower it with brilliant sunshine for a few moments, on each time. Anoint the bill, in a 5 star pattern, with peppermint oil. Fold the bill in half, long ways, and towards you. Wrap it around a quartz point and tie it with bright green yarn. Keep this as an altar piece to attract wealth to you.

Write wishes on bay leaves and burn them to help make those wishes come true.

Prosperity 1

Repeat a mantra such as: I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally.  Mantras work well when repeated about 6 times each hour.

You can “grow” your wealth! Take a thriving houseplant – such a basil, a money plant, even aloe vera will work. Sprinkle some dried alfalfa on the soil around the plant. “Plant” a silver or gold coin in the dirt under the plant. Place the coin so that half of it is sticking out of the dirt – like it was planted and should start growing. When new money begins to manifest in your life, spend that coin right away. Replant a new one, it’s in place.

Crush 3 large cloves together. Place them in a mason jar. Add a cinnamon stick and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Place in a dark corner of a cabinet.

An old Strega ritual involves using a lemon (representative of the Moon) and sticking it with straight pins with green pin heads. Cover the lemon. Tie with a piece of natural hemp cord and hand somewhere in your home.

Pour 2 cups of sand into a large mouth mason jar. Place cowrie shells and sand dollars on top of the sand. Place the lid on the jar and tie a sea green ribbon around the lid. As you wrap the ribbon, say the following:

By the Will and Power of Mother Ocean,

To whom I give my devotion,

I ask to receive the gifts of your bounty,

Within this jar of sand, dollar and cowrie.

Decorate with mermaid and sea turtle charms, if you wish. When you are done, place the jar somewhere that you will see it often. Whenever you see the jar, visualize yourself growing more and more prosperous each day.


One of the most often overlooked prosperity ingredients is lucky money rice. When fixed and prayed over successful, this easy ingredient can become a secret weapon for combating financial hardships. There are some fun things you can do. Fling handfuls of the green sparkly rice in the air – feel the shower of gifts from the Divine. Sweep it all up when finished and place in a bowl on your altar.

Prosperity 3

Carry a few grains of green rice in your wallet or coin purse to attract money on an ongoing basis.  Place a small pile of this rice on a tray and trace out symbols and sigils of prosperity for your needs. After the rice is empowered, fill a small bag with some and carry it with you until your wishes are fulfilled.

Leave an offering of green money rice at the base of a tree as an offering.

And never throw or sweep your luck away! Whenever you sweep anything up, always make sure to make at least one stroke inward – toward the center of your home or property.

Be sure to visit Miss Sha’ @ for questions about using, making or purchasing Fixed Green Money Rice!

Lucky Rice

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