Money Lamps

Here at Inexplicable Things, we are often asked what the best way is to keep prosperity coming your way, without having to constantly burn money-drawing candles.

Two words: Money Lamp

When you want to bring money and prosperity in, but you really cannot afford to constantly be lighting money-drawing candles, a money lamp is a great way to incorporate these energies into your daily routine. And to be clear, the energies should not be about bringing more in – that can borderline on greed.  Rather focus on being thankful! Be grateful! Both for the things you already have, as well as those things yet to come.

Here is my swamp conjure take on a prosperity lamp.

Start with a Hurricane lamp – you know, the old school kind with the large glass base that held the oil. You can find them either online, thrift stores, or if you live in the South like we do, Walmart carries them!


Gather up things that represent money and prosperity to you.  I like to use things that actually are money – like a few coins, some paper money, even joss paper or bank Hell Notes. Add these to the base.

joss   monopoly

Next I add some natural curios – like crystals and stones that will help to amplify the power of the lamp. I usually incorporate quartz, maybe some pyrite, a lode stone would also work nicely.

Don’t forget to add money-drawing herbs. I usually will cinnamon sticks and bay leaves to mine.  Allspice berries, mint, alfalfa, agrimony, and other herbs such as these.

Money herbs

Next, add fun curios for things you want to bring in.  I am not a gambler, but taking risks is a part of our business, so I added a tiny green die I had. If you enjoy gambling, add things like dice, a playing card, perhaps, or even an unscratched lottery ticket. Add things like cowrie shells, or things from magickal and tribal traditions that were often used as currency.

I also use a bit of red pepper – I like to keep things spicy and moving along. Not alot, but a touch works nicely.

And then add those things that are goals: a blank key from the hardware store for a new car or even a new home; a photo of a vacation spot; a job announcement for something you are applying for. Get creative!  * blank keys are important . . . do not get a key that is already ‘keyed’ for something that you don’t know where it leads! *

Add anything you feel says ‘prosperity‘ to you. And remember, prosperity isn’t always money. It can be happy home, healthy family members, charitable donations, etc. Add a petition or prayer if you wish.

Finish up by adding any money-drawing or success oils or powders that you normally like to use on candles. I usually add a few drops of a Road Opener, just to keep those roads open, and a few drops of a Protection oil – you work your ass off making that money, you might as well throw down some protection for that money, right?!  Yeah you right, baby!



Light her up – make her shine.  Just 10 minutes a day is all you need. You can do it before work, mid-day, or even right before bed. In fact, I know some that will light it for about 15 minutes before bed, and make a meditation.

Remember, the key is focusing on thanks, not asking for more.

You can see a short little video of how I make mine at – under the Mama’s Tips & Tricks link!










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