Reuse – Recycle – Repurpose Conjures

In this day and age, it’s paramount to reuse, recycle and repurpose.

One thing that pops up in spell work, is the question of what do you do with spell components once you have completed the work. For years, it has been a topic of discussion – some you bury, some you toss in water, some you give to the winds. . .

But as our planet changes, so should we. We must take responsibility for our actions. It’s no longer acceptable to simply toss away items that may be used again, or items that could pose a threat to the environment or wildlife.

1140-mother-earth-nick-wong (#1140:Mother Earth by Nick Wong)

So, here is a quick and easy conjure/spell to remove the power from left over spell components.

I use this for pretty much anything that I need to dispose of, but that cannot be cleansed with smoke, moon or sunlight, or cold water. This is great for jar spells, candle wax, anything that you would normally seek to bury, burn or toss in a body of water.

The Goods:

  • A slip of paper
  • Matches
  • Pen
  • Fireproof bowl or heat resistant container
  • Few drops of 4 Thieves Vinegar

Use the pen and paper to write down what you are seeking to banish or remove. Be sure to include that you are taking back the power given to your spell components since they have helped you in the working. That you wish to remove all power, dissociate them, to render them nothing more than a simple spell tool.

Something like –

‘I (write your name), remove all power and function previously granted to you. I remove all energies:  physically, mentally and metaphysically instilled in you. You have played your part, and now it is done.’

Light the paper and burn it to ash in your fire proof container. As it burns, imagine the energies leaving the left over remnants.   When nothing but ash remains, add a few drops of 4 Thieves Vinegar to them. Sprinkle this brew on top of the components – if it is a jar, open the jar and sprinkle it inside.  Shake it around, if you feel it necessary. if candle wax is what you seek to be done with, sprinkle this mixture on top of the wax. Allow it to sit for anywhere from an hour to 24 hours – depending upon how you feel about it.

Honey Jar

(Image of jar sourced from Pinterest)

At this point, you have taken back (or banished) all the energies that you gave the components. You can now throw the items in a waste bin, dumpster, etc. You can also empty out the jar/container, cleanse and reuse. For the love all things, please STOP throwing glass, plastic and metal into our waterways, even the stagnant waters! Stop burying harmful items that may be dug up by wildlife later.

Never hurts to remember Mother Earth and her creations.

CONJURE responsibly!

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