Oh Shit! Mercury Retrograde . . .

Someone asked in The Swamp Facebook group today if Merc RX can affect relationships.

I answered yes. But it got me to thinking about some other things that I have learned. Here is my answer, plus some insight from a Swamp Witch.


Do you believe Mercury Retrograde affects relationships:

Yes – actually, I do. Because of the effect it has on all types of communication and intellect. It can make folks forgetful, block proper communication, things taken out of context – so if you allow it to have power over these areas, absolutely it can affect relationships – of all kinds.

But – the effects of Mercury RX can be harnessed and used to your advantage. During that time, we are usually all aware that Mercury is, in fact, in retrograde – and everyone is quick to use it as an excuse for certain behavior. No!

Stop that shit!


Learn to harness the energies (as it is still just energy) and use it. Use that time to work on new ways of communicating with others. Use to focus on your ability to follow through and complete things, even when facing adversity. Do not sign contracts or enter into agreements without checking and double checking your facts and details. If nothing else, this will teach you pay more damn attention to what you are getting into. Basically – pay more attention to the fine print. . . in everything!

Use the time for review – of all the things that lead to you this very point in time. Revisit things, heal things that were unresolved.

It is actually a wonderful time to perform road openers and help clear away blockages that have been in your way for what seems like forever! It’s time to slow down or even stop things – focus on rest, healing, rejuvenation. Reflect on past choices. Forgive Move On! Reconnect with yourself, your spirit, your loved ones. Anything that has been put on the back burner, work on it during this time. Just be mindful that details are uber important.


As for the technological challenges that are usually felt during this time – you can work with that too – pick up the damn phone! Use the time to do things in person. And be thankful for the technologies that we do have.

Part of being a Swamp Witch it to stop making excuses, as well as learning how to adapt.

Use Mercury RX to grow – not freak the hell out and crawl into a hole. A good metaphysical practitioner will always face a challenge head on and figure out a way to better themselves because of it.

While I admit, Mercury RX can and does affect a multitude of things – I have changed the way I see it. I know to be prepared for the miscommunication and technology challenges. But so long as I am aware of them, and pay attention to the way I handle MY shit, I often do not feel hardly any effects of this astrological phenomenon. Just sayin . .


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