Bayou Living

Greetings and Salutations from the bayou!

So many wonderful things have happened since last we spoke! I apologize for my absence over the last couple of months – but it will not be happening again.

As most of you know – my family and I moved not once, not twice, but three times in the last 6 or 7 months – but we are now firmly rooted (using that term loosely) in the bayou! We purchased a quaint little cottage on a little piece of land surrounded by life and trees and things that will bite you!

11295538_10204193660390898_3162972242267449427_n Front lawn

We are less than a mile from a beautiful lake that is home to the largest cypress forest in the world! It’s amazing here! I spend evenings on the porch or in the trees trying desperately to catch the millions of lightning bugs that put on quite a show each night. I feed the squirrels and vow to have one as a pet eating out of my hand by year’s end! I have a yard full of small toads and bright green lizards that invariably keep me company when I walk through the grass. I even have made friends with a small box turtle that keeps sentinel around the perimeter of the property. I love it here!


It has taken me a few months to settle in, set up shop, get my personal working altar up and running and begin some semblance of a normalcy that I can call routine. I have chosen a picture window in the living room that looks out towards the dense woods behind our home. This will be where many things come to pass! The hubby is working on an office-type set-up for me, but for now, a recliner and TV tray will suffice.


Things worth noting:

Inexplicable Things finally has its own website! *and the crowd cheers*

This only took about 7 years, but who’s counting?! It’s still under construction, but will most likely be a living, breathing, changing thing anyhow. I am using the site to focus on those fans of a darker nature. Those that need a little help and are afraid of who to ask for fear of being judged. We all could use some help sometimes… and sometimes that means doing whatever is necessary. There are a great many practitioners out there that focus on the good and happy – but what about when we need have that need for justice or vengeance gnawing at us? What about righting a wrong done to you? This will also be a place I can show off some of the bones and more nefarious wares that I stumble across in my travels. My cemetery photography will also be captured there.

So, for those that care to visit, please be sure to check me out at:

I have completed my studies through Lucky Mojo’s Hoodoo / Rootwork Correspondence Course. It took me just about a year since starting, but I was able to complete it. Many of the things I learned, I already had a sense of understanding, but it also clarified a few things. I have a much better understanding of Hoodoo and Southern Folk Magic now – and I can combine that with my own brand of magic. This only makes me more powerful and able to do more for my clients.

I can say this… since combining Southern Folk magic and Hoodoo with the brand of magic I already practiced, I have seen amazing results. I am looking at close to 100% success rate, right now. I can’t wait to start helping even more! Seems like everyone has a niche, if they can just find it. I think I may have found mine – even if it does require lurking in the shadows!

So – being back down in the South and in particular, the bayou, has been a blessing. More to come!

In the meantime – please stop by

Let me know if you are in need of any services that I haven’t gotten around to listing yet – or if you have something in particular going on in your life that you could use some help with, or just talk about. I’m always here – with an open ear.

More to come soon, my minions! Oh, how I’ve missed you!

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