And so we meet again . . .

And so, it’s been awhile, since I was able to properly visit this blog.

It’s been a whirlwind of change and adventure for my family. The husband and I made a quick trip to Louisiana in early January – all on the spur of the moment after looking at property on the internet. We met with a realtor at 10 AM and by 4 PM we were signing papers with a broker!

In late February, we up and moved from West Texas, back to our beloved state of all things Cajun. Needless to say – the previous month had been filled with struggles. With everything from the seller cutting down large pine trees to failed/forgotten appraisals. At the end of the day, we wound up deciding that there were simply too many odds against the property and it wasn’t meant to be ours.

Since then, we have found a place to call home for a bit, and I have been able to get back to my candle craft. I have reset my altar, and increased work on a few things. I am about to complete a professional photography certificate, as well as my certified Hoodoo Rootworking course. It’s a time of completion, as well as the anticipation of new beginnings to come.

Monkey IV

I am finally to spot where I can offer my candle creations on Etsy again. These candles are all natural soy – which is clean burning, offers much fragrance throw and benefits the American soy bean farmer! My 8oz candles come in a high quality, reusable glass tumbler and packaged in a cute gift box.

They are all handcrafted and hand-poured – with love and happiness. They are not mass produced, nor fancy packaged – but they can be blessed to suit your specific needs.

Candles of a darker nature can also be had here – simply for the asking. More to come , soon, my pets!

Be sure to get over to my Etsy shop at:

Birds of Paradise I

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