Fresh Dirt

Hello again, my minions!

I thought since I was on a roll, I might as well do another blog posting.

This is on one of the projects we have started since moving to the bayou.

The dear hubby read an article about turning compost into actual dirt – so thought he would give it a go.

We allowed the lawn (almost an acre!) grow for two weeks at a time. We collected all the grass clippings and started piling them in a particularly sunny spot on the property. After a week, he manually turned the clippings over and watered them down a few times.

Two weeks ago, he made a concoction of water, beer, soda and ammonia and attached it to a nozzle that hooked to the sprinkler. He gave everything a nice little soaking, while I mowed the lawn again and put all additional grass clippings in the pile. Oh, I forgot to mention, we also cleaned out the refrigerator a few times and had things like moldy cauliflower, bread crumbs and even some coffee grounds in the mix. He then used a small cultivator attachment for our weed eater to turn things over.

We had to fall a dead tree and used it as a border around our little compost heap.


3 2

For the next week, he watered the area a little each evening.

Finally, late Sunday evening, he decided to drop a few seeds on the ground. Now, mind you, these seeds were not pretreated or anything – they came right out of the package (we got a great heirloom mix from Eden Brothers at ). Hoping for some growth before we got too late in the season.

Again, every evening for 4 days, he watered.

And behold…on the 4th day – life sprang forth!! He must have done something right.

5 4

Just goes to show ya… if you don’t have decent soil for growing vegetation… make it!

Now, we do live in the great state of Louisiana… so decent soil really isn’t much of an issue… but this is just an added bonus. I won’t have to add any potting soil or anything to me planters when I plant all my herbs!!

Super excited about this! And it’s renewable, sustainable, and downright good for you!

Now…about keeping the critters out – the next challenge!

More to come about this little project!

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