Graveyard Dust and Cemetery Dirt . . .

Cross II

Often times when you hear the words graveyard dust or cemetery dirt, it conjures up images of people sneaking into a cemetery in the dark of night and doing dastardly deeds in order to sell their soul to the devil for untold power, talent or riches. For people like myself, these words mean something much, much different.

Graveyard Dust and/or Cemetery dirt has been used for decades. When working with spirits, both benevolent and malevolent spirits call for the use of graveyard dirt. Depending upon the tradition followed, the dirt can be used for a number of different things. Some examples are: Divination, Protection, Hexing / Cursing, Necromancy, Ancestor Remembrance, Forcing someone to leave you alone, Enemy-Be-Gone, Love, and even Coercive matters. You can simply add it to your altar and let your imagination run wild!

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that not all graveyard dirt is equal. The dirt can be collected from different locations within the cemetery, as well as the inhabited graves that it is chosen from. It will make a difference in your spell work.

whose there

First, I will provide a list of the types of graves that I have successfully collected from and employed in my craft.

Abused Spirit – the dirt collected here, from over the heart, can be used to endure traumatic events or situations; it can help in removing yourself or a client from a seriously dangerous or negative relationship. The dirt collected from an abused spirit – emotionally or physically abused, is very powerful. It brings perseverance, at all costs.

Adult – The dirt collected from a mature adult’s grave is a sort of all-purpose dirt. It can help with wisdom, maturity, day to day events. Collect this dirt from near the head.

Baby/Infants – This dirt is used mostly for fertility conjure – for someone to become pregnant, or to lose a baby, depending upon how you use it. It also symbolizes innocence, peace. Using dirt collected from a baby’s grave can create peace within a home or relationship. Collect this dirt from the center of the grave.

Cheating lover/spouse – Perfect for issues with love triangles; choosing between two (or more) lovers. You can also use this dirt to cause a spouse or lover to cheat. Collect this dirt from over the heart.

Doctor/Midwife – Obviously, this dirt is perfect for healing matters, as well as treating illnesses. On the flip side, it is also employed to cause illness. Collect this dirt from the right or left hand, depending upon what you will be using if for.

Executed/Executioner – Collect this dirt for jinxing and hexing, revenge work, anything where inflicting harm is the desired outcome. Grab this dirt from near the head of the grave.

Gambler – This dirt is used in mojo hands, castings, anything that can help better the odds and increase luck. This is used for both gamblers and new business owners, equally. This dirt should be taken from near the right hand.

Judge or Lawyer – Court cases, road opener spells, honey jar spells – anything where you or a client might need a boost of justice. It can also be collected from a “dirty” lawyer or a judge that was known to accept bribes. If this is the case, use this dirt for anti-justice. Again, collect from the right hand. Also, similar to this type, law enforcement officers. They will see swift justice for those seeking it. The right hand will keep the matter close at hand. Officers can also keep a watchful eye over someone that needs to be honest or trustworthy.

Law enforcement officer – see above

Murderer – By collecting this type of dirt from the left hand, you can influence with the powers of revenge. Perfect for harmful or dangerous workings. Please keep in mind that working with this type of influence can become quite harmful – to both the practitioner, as well as those it is for.

Priest or Clergyman – Collect this dirt from the head of the grave, very near the stone or even underneath it. This dirt is often used for protection, as well as spiritual guidance and understanding. Enlightenment, high powers, divination purposes will benefit from this dirt. Another use is for letting go of painful things.

Pet – If you have the ability to collect dirt from a beloved pet, this can be useful in protection, love and understanding. Many feel that this type of dirt is also good for loyalty matters. Collect this dirt from anywhere on the grave.

Soldier – This dirt is used for courage and bravery, steadfastness, loyalty. Problem-solving, thinking outside the box, self-preservation, secrecy, covert operations. This dirt can also be used to control someone else, to cause them to obey orders. Collect this dirt from the right hand, above the heart, or near the head – whichever makes the most sense to you. I always like to mention, please do not use this dirt without paying the proper respect to the soldier’s grave that it is collected from.

Suicide – Many necromancers choose the dirt from suicide victims. It’s often used in jinxing, hexing, driving away something. It can be used to cast torment, anguish and extreme sorrow. Collect from the feet.

Young Adult – Dirt collected from anywhere on a young adult’s grave can be used for a variety of things. Romance, new relationships, sexual attraction, but also irresponsible behaviors, lack of accountability, excessive behaviors (drinking, drugs, etc).


Now… how do I pay for the dirt? The dirt’s I use are hand-collected, using a very traditional method where the spirits are offered a prayer, energy, coin or drink, as a way of saying thanks. Sometimes, the spirit is excessive and wants all forms of payment, other times, a little download of energy while kneeling next to their grave is plenty. They will let you know.

As a necromancer, I do not follow a moon phase to collect my dirt, unless it is specifically requested by a client. I have learned the proper ways and techniques of collecting the dirt when I need it, therefore, I do not have to wait until the proper moon phase rolls around. I have a very unique bond with spirits – but that is a story for another time.

Ranger II

Another factor to consider is location. When a particular spirit is not needed, but a location is, the following is a quick run-down of the best places to gather Cemetery dirt.

Cemetery Entrance – the dirt collected from the entrance or near the entrance of a cemetery is perfect to use when requiring strong and powerful protection. It provides a strong guardianship. And when sprinkled around the home or business, it will help keep unwelcome spirits away.

3-Way Crossroads – The crossroads are a powerful place, indeed. Dirt collected from a 3-way crossroads is often used for devotional purposes and divination. I have used it to help open roads and blocked pathways, as well.

4-Way Crossroads – If your needs require a bit of darker shadows or more obscure deities, gather your dirt from a 4-way crossroads. The spirits that dwell within this area are much more powerful and much darker. I use this dirt for the more malicious workings of revenge, and danger – or to cause complete confusion. This soil is for serious life changes, as well as powerful healing. It’s good dirt to use when trying to overcome something very difficult in your life.

More to come on my practice of necromancy and how I use graveyard dirt.


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10 responses to “Graveyard Dust and Cemetery Dirt . . .”

  1. I would like to ask permission to uses ehat you have written on this subject so i may alter it to suit my multi-faith witch/fae/1st nations spell workings. I will not publish your words. This is for personal use.



    1. Whatever suits your beliefs, absolutely. Does your faith use graveyard dirt? Usually conjure related paths do. But sure, use however you need. And if you have more questions, please feel free to email me.


  2. If dirt from the entrance to the graveyard is powerful, then can it be used for hexing an enemy?


    1. Indeed, Scott, it can. I, personally, would combine entrance dirt with the dirt taken from a convicts grave – or someone mentally ill.


  3. What is the time and method of collecting the dirt from a cemetery entrance and recipe to use it?


    1. The time, if you are into that sort of thing, is dependent upon what you are using the dirt for. I say ‘if you are into that sort of thing’ because as a Swamp Witch, I do not necessary follow any time frame or schedule in which to collect my dirt. I may find myself at the cemetery at midnight, or 10:30 in the morning. It never really matters to me, but some folks do plan their trips. I need to do a blog about the best times to visit the cemetery and collect the dirt. I would be happy to explain the method I use for collecting the dirt, but it is best in email or discussion – not as a reply here. So, feel free to send me an email:


  4. Very interesting reading. thank you so much for sharing


  5. Is it very poweful dirt from fresh grave of an infant, one day old baby just buried. I collected dirt on full moon day after he just buried. Can i use it for money spell? Thank you.


    1. Hi Ray – dirt collected properly (and given proper respects, as well as plenty of offerings! Make CERTAIN that you leave the proper offerings, especially to a newly deceased spirit!) could be quite powerful; however, infant dirt is generally not something I would choose to use for money work. If we think about the type of grave: an infant – it would be about fertility, innocence, peace, new beginnings, mourning, grief, etc. Money is not something an infant spirit would understand. The best money dirt comes from the graves of gamblers, successful businessmen, bankers, casino owners, wealthy folks. Or you can collect dirt from a bank, a casino, etc. That is the BEST money dirt. I do have death site dirt, from where Bonnie & Clyde were shot to death, that we sell on our website and folks swear that is amazing dirt to use for money spells! I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t use the infant grave dirt – but personally, I would not use it for money work. I hope this helps.


      1. Hi , how can i buy that dirt and how much is it, thanks


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