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For centuries, colors have been used for magickal purposes. They can create, change or enhance a mood; bring about an emotional response; keep one grounded to activity at hand – just to name a few.

Each pantheon and philosophy seem to have their own ideas of what different colors mean. But, this is my blog ~ I am a Witch of Chaos ~ and so, my colors may or may not line up directly with how you perceive their influences.


Black: ~ Spellbreaking, banishing, jinxing, hexing, removing crossed conditions, mourning

Brown: ~ Earth, grounding, caution, court cases, animal magick

Green: ~ Money, luck, gambling, crop success, business success, employment

Blue: ~ Peace, wisdom, harmony, children

Purple: ~ Mastery, power, honor, protection, keeping evil away, control

Red: ~ Sexual magick, domination, energy, lust, passion, vigor

Pink: ~ Love, affection, romance, attraction, reconciliation

Orange: ~ Stimulation, friendship, change, road opener, removing blockages

Yellow: ~ Concentration, creativity, general success

Gold: ~ Gambling, male power and vitality

Grey: ~ Meditation, clarification, neutrality

White: ~ Blessings, purity, spirit, abundance

These colors correspond greatly to many European magickal traditions, as well as Hoodoo and conjure candle work. Interpretation can always be left up to the user, however. Just because it doesn’t fit someone else’s category, doesn’t mean it’s wrong!  But more about that later!