Gulf of Mexico

Hello People of the Page!

First, let me apologize for the delay in writing. After the lengthy weekend in Corpus Christi, I have been battling with the time change most of this week. It always takes me a bit to get used to it – I know it’s mind over matter, but still!

The weekend with Kelly was amazing. The evening of our anniversary, we were in Rockport, TX – right on the Gulf. We ate at a quaint little place called The Boiling Pot – that serves pretty much nothing but crab boils. Our favorite! Delicious, not expensive at all, and that atmosphere was great.

After dinner, we took a quick walk down to the pier and watched the “false” sunset that often appears out over the water – the colors were bold and beautiful – pinks, blues, purples, and greys… and I finally had pelicans in my view again. (Pelicans happen to be my favorite birds!)  Looking down in to the water, I was able to see a large school(?) of jelly fish! This was another first for me. I will try to add some photos later on – they are on my phone.

We wound up driving to Mustang Island State Park which is part of the chain of islands that creates the barrier for Corpus Christi. The weather was beautiful – clear skies the first night with about a half moon. We walked along the beach in our bare feet, chased tiny crabs, squawked at the gulls and built a little fire. It was perfect.

The following morning, I grabbed the camera and walked the few feet to the water. First discovery was a small child’s flip flop that had seen some wear. I took a few photos – thinking it would be an interesting subject. I also snapped a few photos of the waves as they crashed in the early morning light. The Gulf of Mexico is my favorite body of water.

Child's PlayGulf 1

Later Saturday, we visited the Dia de Los Muertos festival in Corpus. Sadly, it was quite disappointing. Kelly and I believe that festivals that are originally for honoring someone or something should remain so. This festival… was all about commercialization. It was about making the almighty dollar – as a vendor. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with honoring the heritage, the ancestors, anyone that came before. We were sadly disappointed. We did people watch for a bit – but if you travel to Corpus expecting to witness an authentic Dia de Los Muertos gathering, don’t bother. There are numerous other areas you can visit – or better yet, stay home and honor the tradition in your own way.

The highlight were the masks and this cute skeleton that was set out.

MasksSkeleton Flamingo

We spent one more night on the beach – where we nearly froze our butts off. The temperature dropped that night to somewhere in the low 40’s – the winds gusted in off the water around 25 – 30 mph and blew sand in our face most of the night. Sometime before midnight, we made the decision to jump in the cab of the pickup and wait out the night. Always an adventure with us!

All in all – it was an amazing weekend. I am happy, thankful and proud to be Kelly’s wife. I found a quote by Mark Twain that I would like to leave you with. He said,

“Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.”

Kelly and I are 1/5th of the way there! ❤

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