The Luckiest Month – March

I love the month of March!

Here in da bayou, spring is on the way. March means the hard freezes are a thing of the past, green shoots start popping up everywhere, the bees return to the wildflowers that start carpeting lawns and meadows, and the birds sing like there’s no tomorrow.  Soon, all the trees will be budding and baby animals are quick to follow.


March is a wonderful time for both abundance, as well as luck.

Let’s talk about lucky items for a moment.

Ever noticed how difficult it is to not pick up a penny you see on the sidewalk? There is a reason for this. Some objects are just plain lucky – seemingly due to hidden power.

  • Shamrocks are symbols of luck – ‘luck of the Irish’
  • Silver and gold coins tend to be lucky traveling protection items.
  • Horseshoes over a doorway, symbolize the New Moon. They are thought to bring the people living within good fortune. I was taught to hang it with the toe of the shoe pointing down – we call this ‘holding water’ – you hang it up this way, so your luck won’t all run out.
  • Anchors have always represented home/where they came from, to tired, sea-worn sailors. Anchors bring about hope, optimism and luck.
  • Keys can be lucky, as well. Wearing a key helps you unlock your potential and knowledge.
  • Giving someone a birthday cake – round cakes with candles is a way of blessing your loved ones with the wealth and vigor of the Sun.

We think of objects as being lucky, most often, but there are also lucky animals, plants, even stones. Below are a few items that are known to be lucky.


Lucky animals

Black cats – often associated with the Moon’s power. This dates back to folks believing that a cat’s eyes shine because they are reflecting the Moon’s magickal energies and light. Black cats are symbols of good luck to many. For this reason, they are also symbols of gambling luck in many hoodoo and such inspired beliefs. Many folks like to burn black cat shaped candles when working through abundance, prosperity or luck workings. They can also be used for gambling workings.

Rabbits and Rabbit’s Feet – Bunnies and Hare have long been tied to spring, fertility and speed. It is believed that carrying a rabbit’s foot may aid in speedy escape from harm.

Ladybugs – Long believed to attract luck and money. Her bright colors represent jewels, while her black spots are said to be rounded to symbolize coins.

Spiders – The number eight, in many cultures, is the number of abundance. This, therefore, makes spiders the perfect symbol of wealth.


Lucky Plants

Four- Leaf Clovers – They are believed to attract luck. Some cultures believe them good luck, while some believe them to be ill luck.  Superstitions tell us that the four-leaf clover — a rare variation of the three-leaf variety — is thought to bring good luck to its finders, especially if found by accident.  Each leaf is symbolic, and stands for faith, hope, love and luck — St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the fourth leaf meaning the Grace of God. The superstition is thought to date back as far as Adam and Eve when Eve was banished from the Garden of Eden, she took a four-leaf clover with her to remind her of paradise.  Some additional lore says that a person who finds a four-leafed clover will meet a future lover on that same day.  Anyone wearing a clover will be able to see fairies, if they are around.  If you pass your clover on to someone else, your luck will double!

Elder – When tied into the shape of an equal-armed cross and then hung over your doorway, they will prevent anyone with ill will from entering the dwelling.

Heather – Keep a spring of heather in your purse or cash register to keep your money growing.

Acorns – Primarily known to promote energy and youthfulness – increasing overall luck.

What other luck lore have you been taught? What significant things in your home make you feel lucky? Anything you dare not part with, for fear you may loose that luck?

Aren’t superstitions fun?!

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