Not all Magickal Oils are Created Equal

Let’s talk about condition oils for a moment.

The use of conditions oils has been around for centuries, and they have a long and very magickal history. Throughout this time, they have been used by most spiritual denominations at one time or another – including Christianity. But, let’s face it, Hoodoo and other types of folk magick originating in both Africa, as well as Northern European, have put using conjure oils on the map for today’s folks.

These oils, sometimes called Conjure Oils, Condition Oils, Prayer Oils, Blessing Oils – are wonderful little powerhouse concoctions of herbally-infused oils, with a base carrier. I mean, they can have a lot of different things in them, but when you get down the nitty gritty – they are oils and herbs. Nothing more, nothing less.


Now cher, lemme tell you – not all conjure oils are made equal! Folks that make such oils will often use whole, cut or powdered herbs, minerals, resins, essential oils and even curios, like bones and stones and things. One would think that’s enough, right? Sadly, I see a great many ‘professionals’ add things that change the fragrance, the color, or even the properties of oils. I have seen well known folks post videos of adding some sort of dye that changes the color of the oil (blues, reds, purples).  I have seen them add chemically enhanced perfumes that have been processed and are not organic at all.  I have seen some even buy their oils wholesale from some distributor or manufacturer – don’t even know where they come from – then relabel them as their own and sell them to you – claiming they ‘made’ them.  Yeah, they ‘made’ them, alright . . . made ‘em right outta the box!  In today’s world of adding synthetic colors, perfumes and the like, it’s hard to tell where synthetic ends and organic begins!  Eww – I don’t want that in my conjure oil! For this reason, it is imperative that you purchase from an actual worker or professional that has a good reputation, as well as known knowledge and skill, in making effective conjure oils.  Be sure to do your research. Be choosy when it comes to selecting the right oil for you. I cannot stress this enough . . . be very selective! Understand the practitioner, the formulas they use (not necessarily the recipes, as they are often proprietary – but the way they do things), the steps they take. Because sometimes, even the tiny of missteps will render a whole batch of oil virtually useless! So making oils, to a good practitioner, is a labor of love!

The herbs, in the right oil base, are ALL you need! Bring the properties and elements of the herbs and oils together to form one concentrated potion. These oils are then the perfect addition for adding amplification and empowerment to nearly any person, place, object or working.

So now that you understand a little more about them, let’s look at just a few of the ways you can use them in your magickal workings and spells.

candlesFor dressing or anointing candles: dab a bit of oil on your fingers or the palm of your hand and rub it into the candle. Some folks believe if you are bringing something into your life, you would stroke the oil toward you on the candle. If you are sending something away, stroke the oil away from you on the candle. I have been known to do both and neither! Burn as normal. For glass encased candles, just place a drop or two of the oil in the top of the candle.

Picture1You can also dress letters, petitions, photographs or name papers with these oils. Dressing a letter or petition/name paper is easy. Just dab the oil in the four corners of the paper, and in the center, to create a 5-spot pattern, then fold the paper as normal. You can use any pattern you like – or no pattern at all. Oftentimes, I just dab the oil on the photos/name papers to make sure I get a nice even amount on there.

You can feed a Gris Gris or mojo bag, as well as doll babies by putting a few drops of oil in your hands, rubbing them together and then working with the Gris Gris or doll. I never recommend using the oils directly on the gris gris, mojo or doll baby – you don’t want the oil to actually soak into the fabric. So always best to place it in your hands first, then hold the item in your hands.

While I do not do many jar spells, I do use fruits as vessels for love and prosperity.  I have used oils in this manner by adding some of the oil to the vessel.  In fact, in prosperity magick, if using a vessel, I will dab the oil all the way around the rim and top of the lid/fruit.  You can also mix the oils with the respective powder and create a paste that you can use for all the same purposes.

Dressing a pair of shoes via the soles, or even in the bottom of the shoes themselves is an easy one! I also have used the tiny coin pocket on a pair of jeans as a place to dab some oil!

And finally, you can add many of these oils to floor washes, bath salts, shampoos and conditioners, or even perfumes. You can dab a bit in a windowsill or in a doorway. You can rub some on your hands and touch a person you wish to influence. You can anoint cash or checks, the keys on a cash register or even your telephone in order to utilize an oil. Use your imagination, babies! They can become quite the powerful tool for your magickal arsenal, regardless of your path.


Now that we have covered a bit of the history of condition oils, as well as a variety of ways to integrate them into your practice, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our process in making them. Many folks have had wonderful success with our oils.  Some of it could be the process in which we make ours. Quite a few years back, we dug out an old family magickal recipe book and began working with a few of these of recipes.  We tweaked a few to modernize them a bit – due to some herbal components being difficult to find, but most we left as is – or as the original recipe explained.  Now, mind you, this recipe book was started back at the turn of the century with dried flowers and herbs crammed between the faded pages. Some had no actual measurements – so we had to improvise and find out what worked best.

Our process is simple: we start with only the best organic herbs and ingredients we can find. Many of these we have grown and harvested ourselves, right here in the bayou. Or we source locally when possible. When we cannot find something locally, we purchase from free trade and certified organic farms and organizations that meet uber high standards. We do not add any fragrance, perfume or cheap colored dye to our oils. They are all natural with pleasing herbal fragrances.  The fragrance is usually quite subtle and can be used when you don’t want to be detected. This is an important thing to consider when you are doing work that may require secrecy. You can tell the difference when you smell our oils. They are all herbal, no question!  This makes them super safe and non-staining.

Once we have all the herbs and resins required for each recipe, we grind, sift and mill everything ourselves.  Then we slowly introduce them to one of several carrier oils that we have found to be most effective for metaphysical use. These are not your average olive oil, baby oil, etc.  No babies, we use only the best and most effective carriers. This blend is then slowly simmered on a low temperature for a minimum of about 16 hours, sometimes much longer. After this, they are gently cooled to room temperature. This not only guarantees that we keep a close, watchful eye on each batch of oil we produce, but it also guarantees that the herbs are completely infused within the oil.  These batches are then placed in a dark, cool room for several weeks to months, depending upon the type of oil it is.  Once ready, the oil is then strained and added to a new batch of cut herbs before being individually bottled by Mr. Kelly. The final bottle of oil that our customer receives has a few herbs or pieces of resin within each bottle – depending upon the type of oil.  The small 1/2 oz bottles will not contain herbal components from the entire recipe that were in the large batch – but they have one or two smaller herbs added.

That’s all there is to it – absolutely No AdditivesNo FillersNo Preservatives, No Synthetic products! You won’t find any of that nonsense in OUR oils! I can guarantee you that, baby! We are also exceptionally careful to completely dry our herbs before adding them to the oils – so they should never mildew or mold. We like to let the herbs and carrier oils speak for themselves. They are all exceptionally skin safe – even for the most sensitive of skin types – however, they are not meant to be completely hypoallergenic.  Certain oils, in the larger base batch, will contain herbs that may cause some irritation – such as cinnamon, red peppers, peppercorns, etc.  For this reason, we do ALWAYS highly recommend that you do a quick little skin test if you intend to use one of our oils directly on your skin.


Inexplicable Things is proud to offer a variety of bayou witchery style Swamp conjure condition oils. We have an oil for just about any condition you can think of – and many oils can be used for multiple things. You don’t need a Love Oil for ‘come to me’ and a Love Oil for ‘speak to me’ and a Love Oil for ‘attraction’, and a Love Oil for this or that.  One or two good oils for each area of life is about all you need: love, prosperity, protection, justice and a little baneful.  They are multi-functional babies!! Don’t spend tons of your hard-earned cash on a toolbox of oils that will all technically, do the same thing!  We carry a wide variety – because some folks want everything for everything – some prefer the traditional old school recipes.  Some recipes are our very own. But the point is, you don’t have to have all of them to start out!

Miss Sha’ is always happy to help teach you how to use them for multiple uses! Don’t let nobody tell you different!! Come see Miss Sha’ – she will hook ya up!

Below is a list of our current oil selection.  We also have a Custom Oil request listing that many folks find very useful. When you need a very specific oil and can’t quite find anything else that fits the bill – we can make something custom for you.  But please understand, Custom Oils will take a little extra time to create and process.  We do not want to just throw some herbs and oil in a bottle – it will be cooked and worked, as all our oils are. So, without further ado, our oils (which can all be found right here:


  • Adam & Eve Oil – straight up heterosexual energies, cisgender, can work for bi- and bi-curious
  • Adam & Steve Oil – wonderful masculine energies, gay love, lady boy, MLM, LGBTQQIA
  • Anna & Eve Oil – ultimate feminine energies, lesbian love, LGBTQQIA
  • Attraction & Seduction Oil – love drawing
  • Black Arts Oil – some folks call it D.U.M.E, Eye for an Eye, basically a liquid curse
  • Break-up & Destruction Oil – drive a wedge into a relationship
  • Control & Domination Oil – control and dominate another so they see things your way
  • Court Case Justice Oil – great general justice oil, excellent for use in court
  • Crown of Success Oil – head and shoulders above the competition, success in all things
  • Cut & Clear Oil – self explanatory
  • Fast Cash Oil – quickening of funds and finances coming your way, for short period
  • Green Fairy Oil – seasonal/specialty oil – super charged divination oil
  • Gypsy Shield Oil – powerful shield between you and the outside world
  • Holy Blessing Oil – blessing and protection oil – get rid of negative
  • Keep ‘Em Faithful Oil – keep them thinking about you
  • Keep Safe Oil – great for traveling, new home, etc
  • Law Keep Away Oil – keep law enforcement eyes off of you
  • Lucky Streak Oil – gamblers oil
  • Mastery & Command Oil – eloquence and commanding speech – folks want to listen to you
  • Psychic Reinforcements Oil – amps up the spirit communication game, great for divination
  • Reversing Oil – let’s you say what you meant to say – reverses some situations
  • Restoration Oil – restores calm and peace to a relationship (not reconciliation)
  • Revenge & Crossing Oil – for those seeking retribution
  • Road Opener Oil – traditional road opener oil, removes obstacles
  • Self-Love Oil – self explanatory
  • Spirit Be Gone Oil – quiet down the spirits around you, anti-nightmare/terror
  • Sugar Daddy Oil – infatuation and money, money, money
  • Swamp Water – added and amplified baneful properties, as well as self-protection
  • Truth Serum – find out the truth
  • Unobstructed Love Oil – love road opener
  • Van Van Oil – all around multi-purpose

Most of the above oils come in 1/2 oz glass Boston Round bottles, except for Green Fairy Oil and the Custom Oils. Those come in 1 full oz glass Boston Rounds with a dropper!

Dropper 3

We also have a few new oils coming in the next month or so that are focused on some of the sacred herbs of Northern European and Scandinavian folk magick that are nearing release. These will be known as the ‘Sacred 9’ – so stay tuned for those!

Remember, our custom oils can be anything: anger management, letting go, beauty, etc. If it doesn’t fit into one of the other categories, feel free to ask!!

Attraction I

So there ya have it, folks! An overview of condition oils, how to use them and what we carry. We would love to hear from you with questions, comments or even suggestions for something you would like to see more of!

If you are so inclined, please follow Miss Sha’ on Facebook:

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