Louisiana Mud Mouth


So, tell me this… what does a Swamp Witch do when she needs to make someone shut the hell up?

Why, Mud Mouth, of course!

My brand of Mud Mouth conjure is solely my own – a little different than most Tapa Boca workings –

Got someone running their mouth and not minding their own lane?

Someone spreading rumors or lies – that is harming you or someone you love?

Let me tell ya, Chere, how this Swamp Witch would handle that. First – you need to get a tongue.

Yes, a REAL tongue.

 Mud Mouth 1

No matter the critter, no matter how you get it, just get it. Choose your time (you’ll know when the time is right) and you use the spirits as your guide. When you take to doing serious conjure – they know you ain’t playin’.

Your desired outcome is what is important here.

Now, everyone does things a little differently.

A Swamp Witch bases her magick and conjure on what is available and what is relevant. A person running their mouth – well, I want to sour their words. Every time they speak about me or my client, I want them to taste a nasty, foul taste – like rotten onions, rancid vinegar, lemons. But, I also want them to hurt themselves when they speak against me. So something sharp like glass shards or rusty nails is appropriate. After I include all the business I need to, I sew that bad boy back up. Sealing that nastiness inside their tongue – along with my petition to the Lwas – and mark it.

Mud Mouth 2

A Swamp Witch then uses what she knows… bayou magick.

Ohhhh, Louisiana, land that I love. The things you give me and the things you let me give to you in return.

Louisiana, as is much of the South, is known for its murky backwaters – those slow moving, sometimes dank and mysterious, waterways that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. You wouldn’t dare put your bare feet in them…right?

Well, those of us that call these places home learn to love them. The bayous and swamps are full of life – teeming with creatures, plants and sounds.

The bayou will give life – but she will just as quickly take it away, you can bet your ass on that.

The swamps are known for many things – one of them being mud. Sure, mud is everywhere – but the swamp mud… now that’s a mess. The mud here… it’s different. This mud is strong – resilient – and has a mind of its own. This mud, if left to dry in the sun, bakes into concrete. Absolutely perfect for shutting someone the hell up! I use it anytime I want to fill a targets mouth with dirty mud – every time they speak against me. Pack it full – don’t be shy!

Once I do this – it’s time to give it to the Bayou – she will take it from there. The alligators will eat that crap! They will come along and make a meal out of that tongue! If not the ‘gators, the turtles, the crabs, the crawfish, the snakes, the gar… maybe the Rougarou… but something will have a time with that tongue!

Once back home – no good Cajun would end the evening without a little drink and a little music – in honor of the Lwas, the Spirits, and the Bayou.

This Swamp Witch doesn’t play nice.

I don’t do nice.

And I damn sure don’t do passive aggressive.

I shoot for the throat, the first chance I get.

I have a lot of experience working this conjure – it only gets more powerful each time I work it. I have seen the results with my own eyes – my clients that choose this working are now believers. I expend a great deal of energy doing this… but I always give proper abundance of thanks to the Bayou and the spirits.

I offer this service on my website, www.inexplicablethings.com.

Please keep in mind – this is not the typical Tapa Boca, or STFU. It’s much more powerful than a Stop Gossip or Hush Yer Mouth. This is when you REALLY… REALLY need to shut someone up!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments.

My front stoop is always open, and the sweet tea never runs out. Ca c’est bon!

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