Best Of 2015

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Death & the Maiden

Women and death, particularly the role women are currently playing in the death positive movement and as death professionals made frequent headlines this year.

Here is a recap of what 2015 had to offer.

151023-women-care-for-dead2Fusion‘s The Death Midwife: Women Were the Original Undertakers,  exhumes (see what we did there?) death care history, offering a fascinating—and very feminist—exploration of death, funerals, and burials, and their impact on culture, economics, and the environment.

151130_r27365-690“For me, working with dead bodies is almost like a feminist act.” Mortician and death positive activist, Caitlin Doughty was featured in The New Yorker article Our Bodies, Ourselves.


The sobering and heartbreaking reality of what it is like being a black mother is examined in New York Times piece, The Condition Of Black Life Is One Of Mourning.


Death & the Maiden Co-Founder and death scholar, Lucy Talbot provided a beautiful, death positive piece on…

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