A Witch’s Voice…

I have been on my own personal path all my life. I wouldn’t necessarily say I follow a particular path or have a particular philosophy because I am so very eclectic and try to learn all I can about all traditions, faiths, and walks of life. I learn – and then I use that knowledge in a way that benefits me the most. This depends greatly upon my intentions and desired outcomes. Therefore, I do not believe that an individual must be confined to a particular philosophy or belief. If a Greek Goddess is perfect for a particular issue today, who says that I can’t call upon an Irish Goddess next week? Or Egyptian, or Norse, or Dianic, or even a Voodoo Lwa. It seems that many, not all, but many, Neo-Pagan philosophies try to cram everyone into a certain path or category. I have been told by individuals that I simply MUST choose a path… that I can’t worship a particular deity because I am was not raised in that tradition. I do not take kindly to being crammed into a particular mold.



As for the spells I cast, you will learn that I am truly a bit of a chaotic Witch. I am very non-traditional in the respect that I do not cast a circle, I do not call quarters, I do not take a ritual baths – I really do not do anything traditional, at all. I do invite any and all deities or spirits that wish to attend – and I ask that if they have something to say or point out during my castings, they please do so.  I do welcome the elements, and generally have a symbolic reflection of them on my altar. I do have a few favorite deities that I use much more than others – Hecate, Marie Laveau, etc. and so they, too, have representations on or near my altar, but that is about all.  I speak what I want, what I am trying to accomplish. I tend to explain the circumstances, and then specifically state my problem or the outcome I am seeking.  I speak with Deities and spirits as if we were having a conversation over tea.  At the end of the casting, I usually ask that any or all that feel they could be beneficial, please make it known, and I shall do my best to be open to interpretation and listening for their nudge.  I do not ask without understanding that my own effort is required.  I thank them all for attendance and bid them farewell.  A little grounding to get rid of any lingering energy and done!

Some witches are born with an ability to work candle magick. It just comes natural to them. Others are creative writers and their spells are amazing. Some are quite adept with herbs, resins and minerals. Some rely solely on divination for what they are seeking. And still, some, are quite powerful in a variety of ways. I, myself, didn’t realize what type of witch I was until I was in my mid to late 30’s. I am good with candles, herbs, animals and what have you, but my real power is in my voice. This means that I must be fairly emotionally connected to what I am casting, and I must verbally speak what I want. My magick rarely, if ever, fails me. But once I understood what type of Witch I truly was, I changed a few things about how I went about spells and voila! Things got so much more real! My spells were more powerful and the outcomes were realized much quicker.


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