Tarot Readings from the Rougarou

I am a Witch… and what’s a witch without a magickal familiar?

I was raised on a ranch – around animals and critters of all kinds. But, I can thank my father for my love of cats. As far back as I can remember, I have had a cat in my life. And, usually a Manx.

My current magickal partner is my cat, Rougarou. He is a black and white tuxedo Manx and is without a shadow of a doubt, magickal. He asks almost daily to get to my altar, which is hidden out of sight. Not by choice, but by necessity. My husband and I live in a very tiny space at the moment, and so every square inch is being used. Thankfully, I do have an altar that I do use regularly. He is right next to me whenever I make candles, or do any type of magickal workings. When I make gris gris and mojo hands, he is always right in the middle of the mix. The Rougarou

My husband often uses Runes for divination – and Rou showed an interest at a young age. I thought, why not tarot, too.

I usually wait until he is ready and lets me know… I will lay out the cards and allow him time to choose three. Now when I say choose… I don’t just let him step on them – he has to show a real interest. He will usually lie down and put paws on one. Sometimes he will lick or bite a particular card. He will nudge one. But it is always something other than just sitting or stepping on them. And three seems to be his number.

He is actually pretty adept at this and seems to take it pretty serious. The other evening, Kelly and I asked a particular question and Rou chose our three cards. Sure enough, all three were very in-tune with what we had asked and the reading answered some questions. Rou seems quite pleased with himself.

There will be more to come – along with photos. But if anyone would like The Rougarou to do a three card reading, please ask your questions. We will choose the appropriate evening, light a candle, and photos will be taken.

The Rougarou

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