Using Bear Energy

In Norse mythology, warriors (warrior shaman) who invoke the power of the Bear were known as Berserkers (berserkir) or bear shirt/skin. These warriors invoked the powers associated with a raging bear, an unstoppable force with great destructive power and no fear.


We all understand that animals offer us great energy and symoblism when we reflect on what we need in life.  Bear are no different, in fact, their symbolism and cross over of energy into metaphysical realms can be amazing effective. Bear are symbols of strength, confidence, standing against adversity, taking action and taking on a leadership role. Let’s also not forget the animistic characteristics of the Bear. We see the love and affection of a powerful mother. One of the few animals that will not only birth twins, every year, but will raise those twins for up to three years. We all know the stories of what happens when a human gets between a Mama Bear and her cub. In Siberian culture, the word bear is synonymous with female shaman. The same is very similar in the Inuit culture.

Many of my customers have asked over the years that I offer a Bear candle – so they can harness those same energies.  We already offer a Wolf shaped candle for the úlfheɗnar or wolf hide energies.  So, we are now releasing these adorable fat little bear candles that can help you with the energies you seek and the Bear symbolism you NEED in your life.

My attempt at being funny: Brown Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear and Polar Bear post meal!  Hahaha

Some suggestions for getting the most out of the energies:

Brown – probably the most popular of all bear species – they are found across all of Euro Asia and North America. At birth, brown bear cubs are blind and naked – so they enter this world completely vulnerable. They spend their lives generally as loners and are often seen as a symbol of stealth and cunning, as well as overall independence. Brown bear energy is often used for justice, equality, inclusion, and diversity. It also symbolizes the overall home life – including finances and spiritual matters. Encouragement, empowerment, dedication for the long haul and ultimate fairness. Brown bear teach us to accept our own destiny.

White – could represent a polar bear. In some indigenous cultures, such as the Inuit, the polar bear is the symbol for ultimate wisdom. Animistically speaking, the Polar Bear is one of the greatest hunters in the world – able to swim for days and manages to find enough nourishment to retain over 6” of fat on their bodies. They have a phenomenal sense of smell and are known to stalk prey for up to 5 days. This candle can be used for wisdom, focus and ability to stick with something through the long haul. Ultimately, you WILL obtain your goal.

Grey – could represent the old Grizzly. The Brown bear, known as Ursus arctos, actually can becomes too large to be considered a Brown Bear. As he grows and matures, his fur begins to become sun-bleached, grizzled. When he reaches a specific mass, where he can no longer be classified as a Brown Bear, he transforms into what is known as the North American Grizzly, also known as Ursus arctos horribilis. Grizzly have always been treated with reverence. The Grizzly has a paradox to North American indigenous people – before European settlers, both the bear, as well as the people, covered most of the continent. As the Native cultures were whitewashed and their richness lost, the population of the bear also faded.  Use the Grizzly as a symbol of freedom and understanding. Grizzly are also the spirit keepers of the western direction and the element of water. They are fiercely competitive and extremely aggressive – Grizzy bear energy can teach us to simmer down a bit and not be overzealous.

Black – The American Black Bear symbolizes introspection and intuition, blended with insight. Black Bear teach us to always stay connected to the child within, but also to stay close to your own heart and the significance of your own path and journey. Black Bear teaches us patience and manifesting what we need.

Thanks for taking a look at our offerings – and if you need help or guidance, please reach out to us. We can help guide when you cannot seem to decipher through the correct energies.  Mr. Kelly is a warrior shaman and Gothi and is very adept at helping those find their way. Miss Sha’, as Swamp Witch extraordinaire, can help you get the most out of the candles you use for your workings.



2 responses to “Using Bear Energy”

  1. Great article. Purchased a wolf candle from you and was looking for inspiration on working with the animal’s energies. Now I might get bear too 🙂


    1. The bear are adorable!! ❤


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