Honoring the Warrior Within

With October nearly past and our ancestors properly venerated, it is now time to focus on other things. As the leaves begin to die and fall to the ground, the days get shorter and there is a noticeable chill in the air. Well, for some of you anyway – for those of us in the south. . . not so much!

For many folks, the changing of the seasons can have a profound impression on their emotional states and overall well-being. Energy levels wane, regular routines can begin to weigh us down, even social interactions can become difficult. Signs of depression are quite common.

Lake Bistineau Louisiana
Fall in the Swamp – Lake Bistineau Louisiana

Many folks think that fall and winter are a barren time, with little change. However, this couldn’t be farther from reality.  Fall is nature’s most abundant season. For my ancestors, as it was for many cultures, this was the harvest season. It was, and still very much is, the opportunity for all of us to reap the rewards and abundance of all our efforts throughout the year.  Time to slow down, enjoy life, nourish our bodies and our minds. Because of this introspective nature, it is also a wonderful time to purge and let go of things that do not serve our bodies, our minds or our spirits. It is time to unburden ourselves of those things that we have held on to for far too long: bad habits, toxic relationships, negative thoughts and self-doubt. While unburdening our thoughts and mind, we need to also unburden our physical life: possessions that no longer serve us, clothing that no longer fits, clean out that closet and organize! Nothing should weigh us down, going into this marvelous season.

One of the best ways to internally and spiritually make the most of this time of year is through honoring the warrior within oneself. Just beneath the surface, there resides an inner warrior. This warrior calmly waits for that day when life becomes a little too much for us to handle. We often forget to take care of the one that pushes us ahead when the road seems too long, the one that whispers in our ear that we CAN achieve the impossible when it feels all hope is lost, the one that helps us to overcome the miserable childhoods or devastating pasts, the one that helps clean up our emotional debts we have with our self. The one that does the most for us. . . but rarely receives any recognition. Without that warrior within each of us, we would not be where we are today – for better or worse.  Without that warrior within, we would have lied down eons ago and just given up.


There are as many different ways of honoring this benevolent warrior, as there are warriors themselves, but there are a few simple things you can do.

  • Develop a mantra that you say every single morning when you wake up, acknowledging this warrior.  Sounds simple, I know . . . that’s because it is. And it works!
  • Be honest with yourself. No one knows you, like you do. You can fib to the outside world all you want, but never, ever lie to yourself. Do your self that honor, show that respect, and be honest.
  • Do something special for yourself. Treat yourself to brunch, schedule a mani-pedi, go golfing, take a hike! But do something for just you! Some would say this is self-serving. I say, abso-freakin’-lutely!
  • Develop yourself – pick up a new hobby, read a book, learn something, teach something. Don’t have time? MAKE time! YOU are better for it.
  • Acknowledge them – let your inner self know you are aware. Honor that side of you that is no bullshit and takes no prisoners. Not quite there yet?  Yes, you are – you just haven’t met him/her face to face yet . . . but you will.
  • Light a candle and spend some time with this inner warrior. You will be surprised at how much this will do for the both of you.


I challenge you all, this coming month of November, to honor the Warrior within yourself.  Give acknowledgement to the ways this inner strength has helped and guided you in your survival so far in this journey we call life. Light a warrior candle and focus on those efforts made to keep you awake in a time when all the world wants to sleep.

I will close with a quote taken from the Carlos Castenada book about the Teachings of Don Juan. It says, ‘The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.” ― Don Juan


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  1. Great article! Blessed Be and thank you both


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