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Holy Stones and Iron Bones

Egg cleansing is an ancient practice, utilized in Mesoamerica, Europe and Africa, among other places. The symbol of the egg is a universal symbol of Life. The yolk inside cozy and protected by a seemingly fragile shell. The ancients found this symbolism and began using it as a tool for the spiritual practices.

The thought behind egg cleansing is that it acts like a spong, absorbing and neutralizing negative energy, diseases and the evil eye. Many today do not have the information readily available to instruct them on how the cleansing is done and the egg read effectively. Which is the reason behind this article.

For an Appalachian egg cleansing, you will need some form of “holy water”, either from a church, river water or stump water. You will also need a clear glass, a candle for the spirits, and a religious symbol (cross, rosary, etc.)

Wash the egg in…

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