Lover Return Spells. . .


Spells to make a lover return….


this should always be accompanied with the ‘You sure you REALLY want this lover back’ spells… LOL

Lover return work is messy… at best.

It is important to remember that once a relationship is over – it can never be again. That’s not to say that you can’t have another, different, relationship with the same person…but what you had…is gone.

I hear it all the time – ‘I just want her back. Like the way it was. The good times.’

I’m sorry honey… but it’s impossible – on a metaphysical plane, in reality. It simply cannot be. And once returned – the person is never the same. They are often very different – and sadly…

I have performed countless Lover Return and Lover Reconciliation spells for clients, over the years. Most… are indeed successful…. at some point. But I have also lost count of the number of times a client has contacted me asking if I can reverse the Return Lover spells –

Have you not seen movies like Pumpkin Head and Pet Semetery?

Be careful (and mindful) of what you wish for!

But, with all that being said, here is a little spell you can try on your own.


Voodoo Spell To Bring Back An Ex

The Goods:
• Pink candle
• Lover Return / Reconciliation Oil
• Pink or Red Construction paper/cardboard
• Scissors
• A Plate
• 2 Cups sugar (I prefer brown sugar when working conjure)
• 3 Dried Rose Buds
• A Tablespoon or so of cinnamon / cinnamon sticks

Anoint your candle –
Mix the Sugar with the Rose Buds and cinnamon.
Cut a paper voodoo doll out of the pink or red paper.
As you light the candle, be aware that fire has an affinity to the spiritual realm. Be conscious.
Write your petition (be specific – wishes, desires and goals) on the back of the doll.
Write your lovers name on the front of your voodoo doll 13 times.
Cross over each name with your own.
Place the Voodoo doll on the plate and cover it with the sugar and herbs.
Place the candle in the center of the sugar/herb mix. Say your wishes aloud, with as much energy as you can.
Allow the candle to burn for 13 minutes a day, for 13 days.
After the 13th day burning, place the doll in a safe place and keep it until the wishes and desires have begun to manifest themselves.
When all is complete – return the doll to spirits – by burning or burying it.

Just remember… Miss Sha’ warned ya, chere!


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5 responses to “Lover Return Spells. . .”

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  2. On the 13th day, do you let the candle burn all the way down? Or just burn it for 13 minutes and discard it porperly?


  3. It is up to you – whichever, at that time, you feel is best. If you allow to burn, the candle symbolizes the energy you put out. If you follow suit with the 13 minutes – you are good to go, as well. Go with your intuition.


    1. Thanks for replying!! And so quick too! I will follow my intuition. Thanks!


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