‘Severance Package’ Ritual Offering

Miss Sha’s own special way to rid herself of a nuisance. Severance Package is, at it’s basic, a severe Unbinding of Two Hearts. Specifically designed for those that really need to get someone the hell outta their life, unbind someone from you. Maybe you have a negative influence from someone that just won’t let you move on. Or even a stalker! Ex-lover from your past that holds a torch for you that is causing problems.
It’s fairly powerful work – she has a specific spot in a cemetery where she works. Two Hearts (yes, real animal hearts) are baptized with the appropriate oils and then bound together. A Kukri style machete – that has been rumored to have taken a life – is used to severe the connection between the two hearts – VIOLENTLY. A bit more conjure work is done and then the two pieces are disposed of after a certain specified number of days, at opposite ends of the bayou. By then, the connection is properly withered and dying – the disposal helps put the final nail in the coffin of this relationship.

Clients will be provided with photos and proof that the work being done is for their particular situation.

Perfectly designed to cut the ties that bind between two people.

I am only able to perform a handful of these services – due to the amount of energy required, so it is first come, first serve.

Want to know more? Message me, or check it out on my webpage: http://www.inexplicablethings.com/professional-services.html

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