Krampus – the Anti-Claus!


In honor of Krampus, and the upcoming movie release –

Inexplicable Things is proud to, once again, offer a Boxed Gift Set of Krampus Kandles for the holidays!

Pre-Order is happening, NOW!

This gives you first dibs on a unique, limited-time, holiday candle with a surprise fragrance, this year!  Last year, we sold out in a couple of days!

Each pre-ordered pack will include:

1 – 2oz travel tin (with lid)

1 – Mini Pillar (roughly 2 x 3)

Packaged in a little gift box, black tissue paper and ribbons.


Perfect for stocking stuffers or giving as gifts to those naughty and nice.

Or you can simply keep them for yourself! They are sure to be a hit.

These will be slightly different than last season’s – and orders will ship out mid- to late November.

Pre-Order yours now, by messaging me or from our website: Specials & Pre-Orders

Who is Krampus, you ask?


Well, he is the malicious, dark companion of jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

Krampus is known throughout many European countries as a figure of terror for “naughty” children.

Originally of demonic origin, and rumored to be of the great Loki’s bloodline, he is often seen wearing chains and is somewhat violent by nature. He carries switches of bundled birch branches, and a bag of punishment tools on his back – all used to beat wickedly bad children into a burlap bag and carry them off to horrible places!

Let’s not forget, however, that Krampus is merely doing his job!

Children that are naughty – through telling lies to teachers and parents, cheating, or  stealing – are to be punished by order of Krampus’ master, Saint Nicholas!

The severity of the crime will determine the punishment.

Krampus administers swats with his switch and after so many swats, the child who has learned his lesson is released and Krampus goes about his way.

If he drags them away . . . well, then, it’s obvious that wicked child did NOT learn their lesson!

So you better be good, for goodness sake!


He is the Anti-Claus!

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