Interesting – I hadn’t paid very close attention, but after reading this… it does make more sense. Early September, I thought everything was going along swimmingly – only to hit the end of the month like a brick wall. Emotions are high, strange sadness and near-depression-like symptoms have plagued me. I thought several times I was losing it.

Ninja ➳ Kelley

October! We have three months till the end of 2015, and we have reached the month of shorter days, colder nights and celebrations of the dead. But all in all we have survived September and eclipse season is over! Last month the first eclipse was beautiful, I felt clear on my actions as well as my direction in life, and I felt an overall calming of the storm, only to be hit a week later with the second eclipse filled with tears, sickness, and confusion. October will bring a new cycle into our lives. This is a new season and with that brings change!

We are still in Mercury Retrograde till October 9th, so communication, travel and technology may still seem to be off. (Check out ‘For Your Mind’ article about how to survive MercRet). The last week or so was more intense because of its combination with the eclipse, these nine more…

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