Blood Moon Rising

September is an important month.

It is a wonderful harvest month –

It draws summer to a close –

It gives us the first official days of Autumn –

It is the month preceding October (only the greatest month, ever!) –

And, most notably, the Full Moon in September 2015 is quite special. This month’s Blood Moon, which is also known as a Lunar eclipse, is the final moon in what is known as a tetrad – or the culmination of four eclipses and is said to foreshadow prophesies for several religions.

(Amazing artwork found at CatsEyeStudio on Etsy!

Cat's Eye Studio Moon

These Blood Moon Prophesies originated in the Book of Joel in the Hebrew Bible. There it is written that

‘the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.’

This phrase is also stated during Pentecost by Saint Peter, and is referenced in the Book of Revelation Chapter 6 Verses 11-13. Verse 12 says, ‘And I behold when he had opened the sixth seal and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood’

Many feel that this is an omen of the coming of the end of times.

I do not always follow the lunar phases – as I have found ways around the mundane waiting a week here or week there – just to work some magick! *wink* – there are ways around this… more about that at a later time! But, I do enjoy a powerful Full Moon – especially one that could be a harbinger for the end of days!

So, for this reason, I am offering a special on my magickal mix called Ghost Water!

Miss Sha's Ghost Water!
Miss Sha’s Ghost Water!

Miss Sha’s Ghost Water is perfect for use with séances and medium work, speaking to ancestors or honoring them, banishment and repelling of negative energies, breaking harmful habits – just to name a few.

But, of course, it can also be used for more nefarious purposes as well. Have a neighbor you really want to get rid of? Need to sever a connection with a person in your life?

I have put a lot of time and energy into working out all the kinks to this formulary recipe. It is both time and trial tested – with amazing results! I have several contacts among the spirit world and the Dead that assist with the entire process.

For this foreboding Moon, I have a special swampy, forgotten cemetery in mind – and it’s sure to please! I will gather up the water and relinquish it to a few cutely decorated, yet adorably creepy little bottles and will have it ready for your personal use by October 1! Just in time to contact lost loves, family members that have passed, or just to get in touch with your macabre side.

I will also be including quartz crystals – hand mined by me – as an amplifier for the qualities of the Ghost Water!~

Bottles will be chosen at random, corked & wax-sealed for transport. They will also be prayed over upon my own personal working altar – prior to shipping to their new homes!

Last year, I did this for clients, and was sold out rather quickly. This year, I will be adding a few extra bottles, but will be a limited supply. If  you are interested in purchasing one of these bottles of Ghost Water, please let me know ASAP. No payment required until your bottle is ready.

First come, first serve!!

Please email me at: or visit my website at!

If you have a particular matter in mind for your Ghost Water – let me know and I will make sure my prayer energies are directed towards your needs. If you have a particular ribbon color you wish – let me know that, as well. I will also email photos of the entire process, so you know how your bottle is progressing!

$13 bottles (plus shipping) of Blood Moon Ghost Water – hand crafted and conjured by a Swamp Witch in the back bayous of Louisiana! Perfect!

And please note – these will NOT be the tiny little faery bottles you see on Etsy and Ebay – these are at the very least, 3 oz or larger.

eWater II Water III

To read more about the Blood Moon Prophesy – check out the following links:

And be sure to check the Amazing Artwork at Cat’s Eye Studio on Etsy!

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