We Are Not Alone in our Lives

We are not alone in this world, and the more we look out into our reality the more we will see. If all of these things play a role in our reality; it begs to be asked: how do we build a relationship with all of these things, and more importantly, not mess it up?Continue reading “We Are Not Alone in our Lives”

Oh Shit! Mercury Retrograde . . .

Someone asked in The Swamp Facebook group today if Merc RX can affect relationships. I answered yes. But it got me to thinking about some other things that I have learned. Here is my answer, plus some insight from a Swamp Witch. Do you believe Mercury Retrograde affects relationships: Yes – actually, I do. BecauseContinue reading “Oh Shit! Mercury Retrograde . . .”

‘Severance Package’ Ritual Offering

February 14 – Conjures up images of baby cupids in diapers, arrows with heart-shaped tips, and little hearts floating over couples’ heads. But what about those of us that are Anti-Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day isn’t all about love… or a diaper-clad baby shooting arrows at people… it’s also about those that can’t get rid ofContinue reading “‘Severance Package’ Ritual Offering”

Reading Material

Lately, I have been asked about suggested reading material. I know that many others, from time to time, will offer up a list of “good reads”.  Over the years, I have written down the titles of books that I either read from cover to cover and couldn’t put down, or, titles of books that IContinue reading “Reading Material”