Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part III

Now let’s take a look at beeswax. Beeswax is the oldest known ingredient in candle making history. It is reported to date all the way back to the ancient Egyptian culture and was found in many of the pyramid excavations. It is believed that they dipped papyrus leaves in the wax before burning them. BeeswaxContinue reading “Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part III”

Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part II

As candles made with paraffin wax gain notoriety for being terribly unhealthy and non-environmentally safe, we turn to more natural alternatives. Soy and beeswax are the most common at this time. (As I mentioned in Part I – there are others, but I am covering the big 3 – paraffin, soy, beeswax.) These waxes areContinue reading “Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part II”

Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part I

Candles, in some form, have existed since the earliest civilizations.  Inexplicable Things Apothecary now offers a variety of different candles in a variety of different wax types. Since we released our beeswax candles at the first of the year, we have been flooded with questions about the differences between the wax types. So I wouldContinue reading “Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part I”

The Luckiest Month – March

I love the month of March! Here in da bayou, spring is on the way. March means the hard freezes are a thing of the past, green shoots start popping up everywhere, the bees return to the wildflowers that start carpeting lawns and meadows, and the birds sing like there’s no tomorrow.  Soon, all theContinue reading “The Luckiest Month – March”

Tips for Conjuring Abundance

We all know that working a spell for quick financial gain will not alleviate the need to repeat the spell at a later time. What we need to do is look for ways of increasing our abundance, each day, long term – so the need for the singular prosperity spells becomes a thing of theContinue reading “Tips for Conjuring Abundance”

My Spell Didn’t Work . . .

What happens when you find a spell that seems to fit your needs to a tee. You collect all the components, you learn the words, you mix and blend, dress and anoint, you light the candles, you put it all out there . . . And you wait – And you wait some more –Continue reading “My Spell Didn’t Work . . .”

Lover Return Spells. . .

Spells to make a lover return…. *sigh* this should always be accompanied with the ‘You sure you REALLY want this lover back’ spells… LOL Lover return work is messy… at best. It is important to remember that once a relationship is over – it can never be again. That’s not to say that you can’tContinue reading “Lover Return Spells. . .”

‘Severance Package’ Ritual Offering

February 14 – Conjures up images of baby cupids in diapers, arrows with heart-shaped tips, and little hearts floating over couples’ heads. But what about those of us that are Anti-Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day isn’t all about love… or a diaper-clad baby shooting arrows at people… it’s also about those that can’t get rid ofContinue reading “‘Severance Package’ Ritual Offering”

Reading Material

Lately, I have been asked about suggested reading material. I know that many others, from time to time, will offer up a list of “good reads”.  Over the years, I have written down the titles of books that I either read from cover to cover and couldn’t put down, or, titles of books that IContinue reading “Reading Material”

Louisiana Mud Mouth

  So, tell me this… what does a Swamp Witch do when she needs to make someone shut the hell up? Why, Mud Mouth, of course! My brand of Mud Mouth conjure is solely my own – a little different than most Tapa Boca workings – Got someone running their mouth and not minding theirContinue reading “Louisiana Mud Mouth”