Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part I

Candles, in some form, have existed since the earliest civilizations.  Inexplicable Things Apothecary now offers a variety of different candles in a variety of different wax types. Since we released our beeswax candles at the first of the year, we have been flooded with questions about the differences between the wax types. So I wouldContinue reading “Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part I”

Honoring the Warrior Within

With October nearly past and our ancestors properly venerated, it is now time to focus on other things. As the leaves begin to die and fall to the ground, the days get shorter and there is a noticeable chill in the air. Well, for some of you anyway – for those of us in theContinue reading “Honoring the Warrior Within”