When a Candle isn’t a Candle!

Conjure workers, root doctors, and Swamp Witch’s alike, use candles. In fact, most spiritual paths use candles in some form or fashion. I won’t speak on all the other paths, but I can tell you, chere, that in Swamp Conjure, a candle is considered a tool. This particular tool is used to help focus yourContinue reading “When a Candle isn’t a Candle!”

The Moon and her Magick . . .

Need a little help or guidance with an issue at hand? Or maybe you need an ear to bend to relieve some stress. Do you follow the moon phases for planting your garden or even cutting your hair? I am drawn to the path of the Moon. Most likely this has something to do withContinue reading “The Moon and her Magick . . .”