Reuse – Recycle – Repurpose Conjures


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In this day and age, it’s paramount to reuse, recycle and repurpose. One thing that pops up in spell work, …

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The History of Friday The 13th – A Good Day For Pagans

Springwolf Reflections

Friday the 13th“Black Friday” or “Black Cat Day”

Fear of Friday the 13th is known as triskaidekaphobes.

When fear of the day started is up for debate. Some suggest little can be found about the day being negative or filled with bad luck prior to the late 1800s. But others link the phobia to older historical events and occurrences which symbolize the link between the number thirteen and Friday to disastrous events.

One thing many seem to agree to is that both the number thirteen and the sixth day of the week (Friday) have been associated with negative connotations from patriarchal societies and most definitely western cultures. Where as matriarchal societies associate both these objects with positive aspects and connotations.

Pagans Honor The 13th
We should begin with a short explanation for the layman about who and what are Pagans.

By academic definition, Pagans are any religion or spiritual path that does…

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When will my novels be available in other languages?


My new novel Jomsviking is now being published here in Norway, and many of you have asked when it will be available in English and other languages. It’s my 17th book and finally, 21 years after the publication of my very first novel, it looks like the sales are taking off. The pre-sale is at almost 3.000 copies as I’m writing this on the 7th April 2017, which is very, very good by Norwegian standards — the publishing company actually placed an order for the second print yesterday.

But the book is still only available in Norwegian. I get asked a lot when my books will be available in English, and it actually hurts a bit every time I get that question. But that is only because I feel I should be able to say yes! It hurts because I really, really want you to get to know the characters…

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Honey Jar, anyone?


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In light of recent social media rants about the ineffectiveness of some of the more uncomplicated ways of performing conjure, …

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On Wolves and How To Start A Fistfight in Norway


Norwegians are usually peaceful creatures. Much too peaceful, I would say, and way too patient. We rarely raise our voice while sober and most of us believe showing negative emotions are immature and childish.

But when it comes to wolves, everything changes. If you want to start a physical fight in Norway, you only need to bring up the subject of wolves, or more precisely, you need to say out loud that you want lots of wolves out in the Norwegian woods. If you do that, someone will probably stand up and call you names, while clenching his fists. Or, if it’s a woman, she will ask you if you want children to be killed by a pack of wolves.

Try bringing up the subject of wolves in a Norwegian dinner party. There is bound to be some idiot — I mean person — who will raise their voice and…

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Hugin and Munin – The Duality of Your Mind

Love Bjorn’s blogs – always mindful, spot on and real. Truth!


Did you know that Odin’s two ravens Hugin and Munin are symbols meant to explain the duality of your mind? I have always been fascinated by this concept. As it often is with Norse mythology, the more you look into it, the more you learn about yourself and the world around you.

I’ve written about Hugin and Munin in my latest blogpost for Grimfrost. You’ll find it HERE.


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Out with the Old – In with the New


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As the year quickly draws to a close, I am reminded that it is once again the time to think about shedding oneself of any emotional baggage or regrets that bind us. We need to discard old burdens, push them out. And start to realize that the coming new year brings so many opportunities. We are essentially reborn into a much happier state of being – with new goals, new ambitions, new heights of achievement to attain, as well as the resolve to see these things through. Let go and see nothing but positive for the coming new year.


Now, there are many traditions around the globe as we see this entrance into the new year, but I want to share one with you that my family has done for several years. It enables you to symbolically banish the old from your life and release it so it can burden you no more. It also adds a welcoming ritual to your celebration that will help ensure your luck in the new year to come.

First, gather up all the things that you would like to see happen in the new year. For example, if you wish for your business to succeed, grab a business card. If you need more income, grab a copy of the want ads, or job description you want – or gather up some coins or a dollar bill. Photos of your family are always a nice choice. Just grab whatever feels right.

On a piece of paper, write the following:

‘Out with the old,

In with the new,

May prosperity and fertility

Come to you

On this New Year

So it shall be.’


Fold this little petition towards you three times.

You will toss these items into a plastic zip lock bag. You can also add money-drawing herbs like bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, magnetic sand if you have some. Anything that you desire in the coming new year.

Take the bag outside of your home and hide it somewhere that you will know where to find it.

A few minutes before midnight, light a candle – any color will do. Say the following:

‘As I light this candle,

I bid the the Old Year farewell,

With gratitude for milestones passed,

And memories cherished.

And I welcome the New Year in

With love and warmth and blessings.

That the quality of this new year be assured,

I now dedicate a moment to visioning

Some ways to make this year

A year of excellence,

A year of fortune.’

Pause for a moment to envision the kind of year that you want to have and the kind of person that you want to be. Enhance these visualizations by imagining your objectives charged with energy and bathed in glowing light. Then continue:

‘And thus do my wishes for the year 
take on their own life and purpose. 
So does the year itself 
take on a glowing life and power; 
A bright year, a bold year, 
a golden year, a year of magic! 
So may this year bring luck, 
and peace, and prosperity 
to one and all.’   

From By Candlelight, by Janina Renée

Allow the candle to burn continuously, or relight it every morning to reactivate the energies of your eve celebration. Whether the candle takes a few days or a few months to burn down, you can be satisfied that its flames will radiate your blessings to last the twelve months out.

The morning of January 1, go outside and bring the zip-lock baggy inside your home. Symbolically, you will be bringing all these wonderful opportunities into your new year!


Anything written on paper in the baggy, remove and burn. Scatter the ashes to the wind.

Stay positive and focused this year, my Witches. Like attracts like… so focus on all the best things in your life – and it shall attract more.

Blessings to each of you, from the Swamp Witch & all of us at Inexplicable Things. May the new year be more prosperous than you can imagine! 

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