Garlic & Onions in the Pantry


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Garlic is so awesome! It’s sacred to Hekate – and you see it a lot at crossroads! It is THE …

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When a Candle isn’t a Candle!


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Conjure workers, root doctors, and Swamp Witch’s alike, use candles.
In fact, most spiritual paths use candles in some form or fashion. I won’t speak on all the other paths, but I can tell you, chere, that in Swamp Conjure, a candle is considered a tool. This particular tool is used to help focus your mind and intent on the task at hand.


Now, keep in mind that in many of the traditions that are based upon the different forms of folk magick, a candle isn’t always ‘just a candle’.
As I said, candles are tools. But not all tools are created equal.
Enter the “fixed” candles.
These are magickally “fixed” candles – dressed with magickal conjure oils and then dusted with herbs or blow powders. The oils and powders add additional power that help in manifestation of your intent. These fixed candles are often hand-prepared, which helps to impart certain energies into the candle as it is created.
Miss Sha’, Swamp Witch that she is, takes hers a wee step further, and adorns them with a symbolic charm. The charms are meant to, again, focus your intent on the goal. As the candle burns, it releases the charm symbolizing attainment of this goal.
The fiixed candles created by Inexplicable Things can be made for nearly any intention – and are quite popular. We currently offer several varieties, but one of our most recent additions is a Money-Draw fixed candle that we call, ‘The Benjamins.’
Prosperity means different things to different folks. To some, it’s wealth and status. To others, it comes in the form of success and promotions. But one of the most common forms is cold hard cash. And who couldn’t use a little extra dough?
Our “Benjamins” is anointed with our #1 best-selling Money Oil, which we call Fast Cash Oil. This oil has proven quite effective when it comes to needing some extra dough for a bill, or rubbing on your last $20 bill before dropping it in a machine at your favorite casino. We have also dusted this beautiful candle with our Crown of Success Powder and just a pinch of magnetic sand. You may also find small pieces of shredded cash stuck to the candle when it arrives!
Use this candle however you see fit – but a common Swamp Conjure use is to carve your desire on the side of the candle. Write out a petition – be sure to be very specific – and place this petition under the candle as it burns. Light your candle. When the charm is released, your working is well on the way. Repeat this process, periodically, if you wish to boost the energies.
sweet-spell-002(Photo: Carolina Dean)
Boom! That’s all there is to it for using the fixed candles created at Inexplicable Things. Here in the swamp, we like to keep things as user-friendly as possible! Nothing fancy!
We also currently offer a Fixed Road Opener Candle, as well as a Flames of Passion Fixed Love Candle. There will be more forthcoming!
To see any of the items we spoke of here, please visit Miss Sha’ and Mr. Kelly at

The Benjamins – Fixed Money Drawing Candle:
Fast Cash Conjure Oil:
Crown of Success Powder:
Fixed Road Opener Candle:
Flame of Passion Fixed Love Candle:


Depression Relief Spell


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This time of year – even the happiest and joyful of personalities can feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. The holiday season creates much chaos and depression.


Depression Relief Spell

The Goods:

White candle – taper or votive (not glass encased)

Blue Agate stone

Black Marker – wide tip

Lemon Balm – loose herb

Cut & Clear Oil

Small cloth pouch

Begin by completely coloring the white candle black with your marker. This symbolizes the depression that is presently encasing you.

Light the candle and say the following:

‘Flame cut through depression deep,

Melt it down and make it weep. 

Grant me power to re-emerge,    

From it’s grip, I leap and surge!’

Watch the candle burn until the white wax appears at the flame. Extinguish the candle if you need, or if you are able, add a drop of Cut and Clear oil near the flame. (Relight the candle if you extinguished it) Hold the Blue Agate stone in your hands and say:

‘Agate, stone of mellow hue, Dissolve this depression, I beg of you. Take its power and transform it’s strength, Into positive energy I can use at length.’


Lightly rub the stone against your temples, your third eye and then your heart. Place it in front of the candle and sprinkle lemon balm around it.

Let the candle burn completely.

When the candle is spent, place the stone, herbs and a piece of wax in a cloth pouch and carry it with you.

When your spirits need a lift, re-anoint the stone with Cut and Clear Oil and repeat it’s empowerment chant.

Side note:  Agate, especially blue, helps one reach high spiritual places through peace, as well as patience and understanding. It’s associated with hope, cleansing, harmony, protection, positive thinking, joy, truth and promptness.

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How To Stop Depression

Excellent read – especially this time of year! ❤ Thanks, Bjorn!


Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes we get sad. It’s a natural and necessary reaction whenever bad things happen. If the sadness stays with us, it is called depression and I believe depression is neither natural nor necessary. Most of us have been there, some more often than others. That dark state of mind seems to drain all energy out of you. Some even lose the will to live.

This blogpost is for you who suffer from depression and I will give you five things you can do to stop those dark thoughts. I am not a trained psychologist, but I have worked as a therapist and more importantly, I have been a sufferer of depression from time to time. Some say depression goes hand in hand with creativity (I’m a novelist), that it’s a necessary evil for creative people, but I don’t know about that. What I do know, is…

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Simple Binding Chant


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Simplistically easy…and yet quite effective!

Binding Chant

The Goods:

  • Black Ribbon or Cord
  • Object to represent the target
    • Doll, photo, candle, etc

Begin slowly wrapping the object with the cord while saying:

“By Air and Earth –
By Water and Fire –
So you’ll be bound,
As I desire.
By the power of mind,
Your influence I bind.
By Moon and Sun
This working is done
By Sky and Sea
Keep all harm from me.
As cord goes round,
All your power is bound.
Light revealed
Now be sealed.”
Bury in the ground, face down.



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Originally posted on Whitby Uncovered: When witch hunting was all the rage and villages across England were terrified by the old dear down the street who had a black cat follow her, one of the many symptoms of being ‘bewitched’ was fits. It is believed now that what caused the fits was Ergot, a fungi…

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Lover Return Spells. . .


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Spells to make a lover return….


this should always be accompanied with the ‘You sure you REALLY want this lover back’ spells… LOL

Lover return work is messy… at best.

It is important to remember that once a relationship is over – it can never be again. That’s not to say that you can’t have another, different, relationship with the same person…but what you had…is gone.

I hear it all the time – ‘I just want her back. Like the way it was. The good times.’

I’m sorry honey… but it’s impossible – on a metaphysical plane, in reality. It simply cannot be. And once returned – the person is never the same. They are often very different – and sadly…

I have performed countless Lover Return and Lover Reconciliation spells for clients, over the years. Most… are indeed successful…. at some point. But I have also lost count of the number of times a client has contacted me asking if I can reverse the Return Lover spells –

Have you not seen movies like Pumpkin Head and Pet Semetery?

Be careful (and mindful) of what you wish for!

But, with all that being said, here is a little spell you can try on your own.


Voodoo Spell To Bring Back An Ex

The Goods:
• Pink candle
• Lover Return / Reconciliation Oil
• Pink or Red Construction paper/cardboard
• Scissors
• A Plate
• 2 Cups sugar (I prefer brown sugar when working conjure)
• 3 Dried Rose Buds
• A Tablespoon or so of cinnamon / cinnamon sticks

Anoint your candle –
Mix the Sugar with the Rose Buds and cinnamon.
Cut a paper voodoo doll out of the pink or red paper.
As you light the candle, be aware that fire has an affinity to the spiritual realm. Be conscious.
Write your petition (be specific – wishes, desires and goals) on the back of the doll.
Write your lovers name on the front of your voodoo doll 13 times.
Cross over each name with your own.
Place the Voodoo doll on the plate and cover it with the sugar and herbs.
Place the candle in the center of the sugar/herb mix. Say your wishes aloud, with as much energy as you can.
Allow the candle to burn for 13 minutes a day, for 13 days.
After the 13th day burning, place the doll in a safe place and keep it until the wishes and desires have begun to manifest themselves.
When all is complete – return the doll to spirits – by burning or burying it.

Just remember… Miss Sha’ warned ya, chere!


To learn more about what I do, please visit our website at: 

or come chat with me on Facebook: InXplicableThings

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To HELL with it… Let’s drink!

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