Not all Magickal Oils are Created Equal


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Let’s talk about condition oils for a moment. The use of conditions oils has been around for centuries, and they …

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Money Lamps


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Here at Inexplicable Things, we are often asked what the best way is to keep prosperity coming your way, without having to constantly burn money-drawing candles.

Two words: Money Lamp

When you want to bring money and prosperity in, but you really cannot afford to constantly be lighting money-drawing candles, a money lamp is a great way to incorporate these energies into your daily routine. And to be clear, the energies should not be about bringing more in – that can borderline on greed.  Rather focus on being thankful! Be grateful! Both for the things you already have, as well as those things yet to come.

Here is my swamp conjure take on a prosperity lamp.

Start with a Hurricane lamp – you know, the old school kind with the large glass base that held the oil. You can find them either online, thrift stores, or if you live in the South like we do, Walmart carries them!


Gather up things that represent money and prosperity to you.  I like to use things that actually are money – like a few coins, some paper money, even joss paper or bank Hell Notes. Add these to the base.

joss   monopoly

Next I add some natural curios – like crystals and stones that will help to amplify the power of the lamp. I usually incorporate quartz, maybe some pyrite, a lode stone would also work nicely.

Don’t forget to add money-drawing herbs. I usually will cinnamon sticks and bay leaves to mine.  Allspice berries, mint, alfalfa, agrimony, and other herbs such as these.

Money herbs

Next, add fun curios for things you want to bring in.  I am not a gambler, but taking risks is a part of our business, so I added a tiny green die I had. If you enjoy gambling, add things like dice, a playing card, perhaps, or even an unscratched lottery ticket. Add things like cowrie shells, or things from magickal and tribal traditions that were often used as currency.

I also use a bit of red pepper – I like to keep things spicy and moving along. Not alot, but a touch works nicely.

And then add those things that are goals: a blank key from the hardware store for a new car or even a new home; a photo of a vacation spot; a job announcement for something you are applying for. Get creative!  * blank keys are important . . . do not get a key that is already ‘keyed’ for something that you don’t know where it leads! *

Add anything you feel says ‘prosperity‘ to you. And remember, prosperity isn’t always money. It can be happy home, healthy family members, charitable donations, etc. Add a petition or prayer if you wish.

Finish up by adding any money-drawing or success oils or powders that you normally like to use on candles. I usually add a few drops of a Road Opener, just to keep those roads open, and a few drops of a Protection oil – you work your ass off making that money, you might as well throw down some protection for that money, right?!  Yeah you right, baby!



Light her up – make her shine.  Just 10 minutes a day is all you need. You can do it before work, mid-day, or even right before bed. In fact, I know some that will light it for about 15 minutes before bed, and make a meditation.

Remember, the key is focusing on thanks, not asking for more.

You can see a short little video of how I make mine at – under the Mama’s Tips & Tricks link!









Recommended Reading


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I wrote a blog about 2 years ago, that offered a good variety of suggestions for reading up on conjure.  I recently went back over that list, made some tweaks and edits, adding a few titles here and there.

Many of these books are also found on the suggested reading lists of other practitioners – such as Moma Sarah (Conjured Cardea), Matthew Venus, and several others, have recommended many of these.

Please remember – to each their own. I know that more than one of the authors listed here are surrounded in controversy – be your own judge.  Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power – so, by all means, do not make this list or their words, be your gospel – but learn what you can, apply what you can, and make up your own mind!

This is NOT all inclusive, but will give a very well-rounded picture! Also, this list is for conjure related – not my list for witchcraft-specific.  I have thousands of books that I have read over the years – and can offer suggestions for those, as well.


Inexplicable Things’ Suggested Reading List – 
(These are my personal favorites & those that I have found beneficial throughout my life)

* Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones – Stephanie Rose Bird (I love anything this lady writes!)

* Black & White Magic (attributed to Marie Laveau) – by Bivins, N.D.P

* The Key of Solomon the King: Clavicula Salomonis (translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers)

* Backwood Shamanism – Ray Hess

* The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook – Denise Alvarado

* Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells – Judika Illes (I love all of her stuff!)

* Santeria: the Religion: Faith, Rites, Magic – Migene Gonzalez-Wippler

* The Magical Power of the Saints – Ray Malbrough

* Papa Jim’s Herbal Magick Workbook 

* Candle and the Crossroads – Orion Foxwood

* Jambalaya – Luisah Teish

* Hoodoo, Herb, and Root Magic – Catherine Yronwode

* A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo Tony Kail

* The Hand Book: Hoodoo Mojos, Gris Gris, Medincine Bags, Jackballs and Paquets – Talia Felix

* Healing with Herbs and Rituals – Eliseo Torres

* Of Mules and Men – Zora Hurston

* The Conjure Workbook – Volume One – Starr Casas

* The Master Book of Candle Burning – Henry Gamache

* Voodoo & Hoodoo – Jim Haskins

* The Diloggun: The Orishas, Proverbs, Sacrifices, and Prohibitions of Cuban Santeria – Ochani Lele

* Spiritual Cleansing – Draja Mickaharic

* The Book of Psalms 

* Cursing and Crossing – Miss Aida

Tips for Conjuring Abundance


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We all know that working a spell for quick financial gain will not alleviate the need to repeat the spell at a later time. What we need to do is look for ways of increasing our abundance, each day, long term – so the need for the singular prosperity spells becomes a thing of the past.

From cultures around the globe, we see similarities in charms, talismans, herbs and stones. Therefore, there must be some validity, wouldn’t you think?


Wealth Powder

  • 3 parts egg shell
  • 1 part dried dill
  • 1 part dried basil
  • ½ part ground cinnamon

Grind them all together and use for money, wealth and prosperity spells. Sprinkle around your home.

Carry abundance charms, such as a 4-leaf clover. Some cultures feel the 4 leaf clover is a sign of bad luck, while others see it as very beneficial. Each leaf bestows some level of wealth or happiness into your life. Upper right is said to bring love, while the upper left brings wealth. The lower right grants good health and the lower left brings you fame.


Create a small pouch – using green material, sewn with gold thread. Add stones of prosperity, such as aventurine, pyrite (fool’s gold) and peridot. Add three silver coins, a pinch of lavender and a pinch of borage. Sew it up. Carry it on your person for abundance.

Obtain a new dollar bill from a bank. Cleanse and empower it with brilliant sunshine for a few moments, on each time. Anoint the bill, in a 5 star pattern, with peppermint oil. Fold the bill in half, long ways, and towards you. Wrap it around a quartz point and tie it with bright green yarn. Keep this as an altar piece to attract wealth to you.

Write wishes on bay leaves and burn them to help make those wishes come true.

Prosperity 1

Repeat a mantra such as: I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally.  Mantras work well when repeated about 6 times each hour.

You can “grow” your wealth! Take a thriving houseplant – such a basil, a money plant, even aloe vera will work. Sprinkle some dried alfalfa on the soil around the plant. “Plant” a silver or gold coin in the dirt under the plant. Place the coin so that half of it is sticking out of the dirt – like it was planted and should start growing. When new money begins to manifest in your life, spend that coin right away. Replant a new one, it’s in place.

Crush 3 large cloves together. Place them in a mason jar. Add a cinnamon stick and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Place in a dark corner of a cabinet.

An old Strega ritual involves using a lemon (representative of the Moon) and sticking it with straight pins with green pin heads. Cover the lemon. Tie with a piece of natural hemp cord and hand somewhere in your home.

Pour 2 cups of sand into a large mouth mason jar. Place cowrie shells and sand dollars on top of the sand. Place the lid on the jar and tie a sea green ribbon around the lid. As you wrap the ribbon, say the following:

By the Will and Power of Mother Ocean,

To whom I give my devotion,

I ask to receive the gifts of your bounty,

Within this jar of sand, dollar and cowrie.

Decorate with mermaid and sea turtle charms, if you wish. When you are done, place the jar somewhere that you will see it often. Whenever you see the jar, visualize yourself growing more and more prosperous each day.


One of the most often overlooked prosperity ingredients is lucky money rice. When fixed and prayed over successful, this easy ingredient can become a secret weapon for combating financial hardships. There are some fun things you can do. Fling handfuls of the green sparkly rice in the air – feel the shower of gifts from the Divine. Sweep it all up when finished and place in a bowl on your altar.

Prosperity 3

Carry a few grains of green rice in your wallet or coin purse to attract money on an ongoing basis.  Place a small pile of this rice on a tray and trace out symbols and sigils of prosperity for your needs. After the rice is empowered, fill a small bag with some and carry it with you until your wishes are fulfilled.

Leave an offering of green money rice at the base of a tree as an offering.

And never throw or sweep your luck away! Whenever you sweep anything up, always make sure to make at least one stroke inward – toward the center of your home or property.

Be sure to visit Miss Sha’ @ for questions about using, making or purchasing Fixed Green Money Rice!

Lucky Rice

Send that Shit Back


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Send that Shit Back Where it Came From!

Someone done you wrong, baby?

Need to defend yourself by reflecting the wrongdoer’s evil intent back on him or herself? Want to ensure the target will not only fail to harm you any further but will actually suffer the consequences of what they have tried to send your way?

Return to Sender

Gather up the following:

  • A wooden hinged box (you can them on Amazon, at Hobby Lobby, etc)
  • Small mirrors (again, look to the Craft store, or Amazon)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Grey Candle
  • Reversing Conjure Oil
  • Small piece of cloth (about the size of a sheet of paper)
  • Personal effects belonging to the target (if possible)
  • Photo of the target (if possible)
  • About 2’ of string
  • Ace of Spades from a playing card deck
  • Small piece of parchment paper
  • Pen

Acquire a hinged wooden box from a craft store. Affix mirrors inside with hot glue. During a Dark Moon, create a poppet of the person doing damage. Use any personal effect that you may have: photo, piece of clothing, hair, nail clippings, saliva, etc. Use a piece of fabric to create a small poppet of the person.  Miss Sha’ has a great video on YouTube of how to make a quick no-sew poppet for use. Check it out!

If you have nothing that belongs to the target, use an Ace of Spades card in it’s place. Write their name and as much information about them as you can on the back of the card. Dress the card with reversing oil. Also dress a grey candle with reversing oil and light it. *Grey candles are the perfect color for letting go, releasing negative energies, as well as sending shit back where it originated!

If you work with Deities, choose a God or Goddess associated with vengeance and seeking revenge – such as Cailleach or Nemesis. You can call on the Norse God, Vidar, or even Erzuli Dantor who is best known for her protection from violence, but also her strength and vengeance. Explain to them, in detail, what you are seeking and why.


Hold the poppet tightly in your hands and visualize your target being overcome with suffering, difficulty and chaos if they send any additional energy your way. Place the poppet, any remaining items you have, and the photo or Ace card, in the mirror box. Forcefully close the box. Seal the box with wax from the grey candle.

You will want to bury this box in a cemetery. Depending upon what type of outcome you want, will determine where you choose to bury it within the cemetery. Bury it on the south end of the cemetery if you are seeking vindication. Opt for the east side if an apology is more what you seek. The west will cause remorse and ultimately, the north side works well if you don’t want to hear from this person ever again.

Once buried, walk away and do not look back.

Army of Grey

For guidance, more information about this working, or suggestions – please feel free to reach out to Miss Sha’ at Inexplicable Things.



My Spell Didn’t Work . . .


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What happens when you find a spell that seems to fit your needs to a tee. You collect all the …

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