Abundance – Finding It and Letting It Go

In metaphysical terms, we often look to the vibrations that surround abundance and prosperity, in order to adjust our own vibrations to match them. But do we really? I see so many folks that want to acquire more money – from basic reasons of needing to pay a bill or debt, all the way upContinue reading “Abundance – Finding It and Letting It Go”

Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part III

Now let’s take a look at beeswax. Beeswax is the oldest known ingredient in candle making history. It is reported to date all the way back to the ancient Egyptian culture and was found in many of the pyramid excavations. It is believed that they dipped papyrus leaves in the wax before burning them. BeeswaxContinue reading “Candles: Which Wax is Right for Your Spellcraft – Part III”

Northern European Sacred Nine Herbs – Chamomile

Northern European Sacred Nine Herbs Spotlight Showcase: Chamomile Folk Names: Ground Apple, Mayweed, Maythen, Chamaimelon, Whig Plant, Manzanilla, Baldersbrow, Camomyle, Heermannchen This well rounded and renowned plant has been widely used throughout history for medicinal, as well as metaphysical uses.  When speaking of Chamomile, there are two types: Roman and German, both of which areContinue reading “Northern European Sacred Nine Herbs – Chamomile”

Venerating Land Spirits

Venerating and working with the land wights. Any time I begin talking about land wights, or landvaettir, I am usually met with some confused looks. These spirits, in my traditional practice, are tied to the land, as well as the overall culture, of any given area. They are a part of the land, regardless ofContinue reading “Venerating Land Spirits”