Who is Miss Sha’?

A little about me ~

Named after a Cajun song ~ Love affair with all things bayou, Cajun, Louisiana

Over 4 decades of highly eclectic witchcraft

~ Scottish ~ Norse ~ Southern ~ Northern European ~ Folk Magick – need I say more?

Necromancer ~ Diva of Death

On again off again pessimist/optimist

Sea Witch

Country Girl



Lover of all things furred, feathered or finned

Zombie killer

Whip wielder and head Enchantress at Inexplicable Things


Tattoo Collector

Girl next door

Fire meditator

Bone collector and caster

Swamp Witch



Coffee Drinker


Trashy Biker

Rum Drinker

Curse Keeper


Poker of death things with sticks

Butcher, Baker & Candlestick maker

6 thoughts on “Who is Miss Sha’?

  1. Greetings, hope all is well down there in swampy Louisiana. I was just wondering if I can have an estimate on when I’ll recieve my items. Or if there is a tracking number that would work as wel! Please and thank you in advance for your reply!

    Order # R087183219 Date 10-01-2017


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