Simple Binding Chant

Simplistically easy…and yet quite effective! Binding Chant The Goods: Black Ribbon or Cord Object to represent the target Doll, photo, candle, etc Begin slowly wrapping the object with the cord while saying: “By Air and Earth – By Water and Fire – So you’ll be bound, As I desire. By the power of mind, YourContinue reading “Simple Binding Chant”

Anne Hunnam; the witch of Scarborough — hocuspocus13

Originally posted on Whitby Uncovered: When witch hunting was all the rage and villages across England were terrified by the old dear down the street who had a black cat follow her, one of the many symptoms of being ‘bewitched’ was fits. It is believed now that what caused the fits was Ergot, a fungi… viaContinue reading “Anne Hunnam; the witch of Scarborough — hocuspocus13”

Lover Return Spells. . .

Spells to make a lover return…. *sigh* this should always be accompanied with the ‘You sure you REALLY want this lover back’ spells… LOL Lover return work is messy… at best. It is important to remember that once a relationship is over – it can never be again. That’s not to say that you can’tContinue reading “Lover Return Spells. . .”

The Ballot Puncher — hocuspocus13

To HELL with it… Let’s drink! Originally posted on A Capitol Contessa: If any election day calls for a stiff cocktail it is this one! No matter your party affiliation or level of involvement I am sure we can all say we are glad this campaign season is almost over. This drink is the perfectContinue reading “The Ballot Puncher — hocuspocus13”