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So you want a simple way to boost the oomph of your spells.

You can ask 10 different folks this same question and walk away with 10 different answers. There are many ways to boost the effectiveness of spells and conjure work – but, when the Swamp Witch wants to get down to business, she turns to her Conjure Oils (also known as Condition Oils).


These oils are wonderful little powerhouse concoctions of herbally-infused oils, in a base carrier. They can contain whole, cut or powdered herbs, minerals, essential oils and curios. And they basically bring together the properties and elements of the herbs and ingredients into one concentrated potion, in order to add amplification and empowerment to nearly any object or working.

The time required to correctly create these oils is a labor of love.

Now Cher, lemme tell you – not all Conjure Oils are created equal. And you need to be choosey when it comes to picking the right oils for you. Many workers purchase their oils from merchants, who manufacture them in great numbers; however, for the most potent and powerful, and to be certain of the validity of herbs used, it is recommended to purchase from an actual Rootworker that has reputation and skill, or make your own, of course. In today’s world of adding colorants and synthetic fragrance, it’s hard to distinguish where the synthetic ends and the organic begins. Now, if you choose to make your own, be sure to do the research and put in the time so you know exactly what you are putting into your formulas. Sometimes, a misstep in any direction can render the entire batch useless.

The fact of the matter is that condition oils have been used for centuries, and they have a long and very magickal history – dating back to even before good ol’ Moses. Throughout this time, they have been used by most spiritual denominations at one time or another – including Christianity.

But, let’s face it, it’s Hoodoo that has put Conjure Oils on the map!


So, you have your oil. Now what?

These Conjure Oils can be used in so many different ways. Some of the most common are:

For dressing or anointing candles: dab a bit of oil on your fingers and rub it into the candle. If you are bringing something into your life, you would stroke the oil toward you on the candle. If you are sending something away, stroke the oil away from you on the candle. Burn as normal. For glass encased candles, just place a drop or two of the oil in the top of the candle.

You can also dress letters, petitions or name papers with these oils. Dressing a letter or petition/name paper is easy. Just dab the oil in the four corners of the paper, and in the center, to create a 5-spot pattern, then fold the paper as normal.

You can feed a Gris Gris or mojo bag, as well as doll babies by putting a few drops of oil in your hands, rubbing them together and then working with the Gris Gris or doll.

And finally, you can add these oils to floor washes, bath salts, shampoos and conditioners, or even perfumes. You can dab a bit in a window sill or in a doorway. You can rub some on your hands and touch a person you wish to influence. You can anoint cash or checks, the keys on a cash register, or even the very soles of your shoes.

I, personally, use them in many of the above applications, but also in conjure jars and vessel magick. I will mix them with powders of the same condition, or a complimentary one, to make the work more even more powerful.7fc6db0882013e8f8ddba40a274b4a26

So, Bebe, you can see how these little herbal tools are a wonderful weapon in your magickal arsenal.

But, again, be choosy. Due to the increasing number of manufacturers that opt to use synthetic colors and fragrance, in order to boost the sales of their product, we decided to dig out our old family magickal recipe book and began working with a few herbs and various oils. Over time, and through trial and error, we have created a nice little selection that we are finally quite pleased with. Now, while the oils are new, the recipes themselves are not – and we have seen amazing results. We now feel comfortable and confident enough to offer these Conjure oils to our clients, as well as anyone wishing to give them a looksee.

So without further ado, Inexplicable Things is proud to offer a variety of southern Swamp Conjure Oils. We only use the finest organic ingredients – be they herbal, floral, mineral or curio. We grow or wild harvest what we can, right here in the Louisiana bayou, but when we must buy, we purchase only from highly reputable botanical suppliers that we have experience with. We take great care in the milling and refinement of all components, regardless of the final product.


Our process is simple – we hand grind, sift and mill the botanical components, then introduce them to the carefully chosen carrier oil. The oils we use are all exceptionally skin safe – even for the most sensitive of skin types. * However, they are not meant to be hypoallergenic. Certain oils do contain botanicals that can irritate sensitive skin, such as cinnamon, red chilies, etc. We do highly recommend that you do a skin test if you are prone to sensitive skin. Aside from this, they are safe and will not stain.

The oils then hit the Cajun spa! The get a long, slow, warm bath. We simmer all of our oils for no less than 12 hours. This not only guarantees that we keep a close, loving eye on each bottle of oil that we produce, but it also guarantees that the herbs are completely infused in each oil.

Once they are ready to be taken out of their warm bathwater, they are allowed to cool to room temperature. Then, we strain off the botanicals and add fresh cut herbs before they are bottled by hand. They are then sealed with a tamper resistant cap and seal, and are placed in a dark, quiet spot where they can sit undisturbed for a few weeks to achieve maximum potency.

Absolutely NO fillers, NO additives, NO preservatives. Mais, I tell you – I can guarantee that your oil won’t have a single drop of any added synthetic fragrance, perfume or color additive. They are all natural, and you can tell difference when you smell them. They are herbal, no question – not synthetic, and not over-fragranced. Our oils are also quite thick. The long simmer makes them even more so – expect some serious settling on the bottom of the bottle. Now, keep in mind – just because the botanicals have settled to the bottom of the bottle, the oil is just as potent without being shaken; however, if you want to stir up those herbs, you gonna have to shake, Cher!


Shake, Shake, Shake baby! This shows ya just how serious our oils are!

So, there ya have it! The Swamp Witch’s secret weapon for getting’ the jump on her target: southern-style Conjure Oils. And just like our Conjure Powders, the possibilities are endless!


Use your imagination… go wild and get oiled, baby!

Please see our website at http://www.inexplicablethings.com/conjure-oils.html for a complete list of available Conjure Oils.

Also, an important note: if you are looking for something specific, feel free to ask – we do make custom blends, specifically designed to suit your personal situation.

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