Karma – Shamarma . . .

Karmically-speaking, I expect most of you will believe I shall be struck down by lightning before I finish this post.  I don’t “do” karma… I’m a realist. Karma – noun – is defined by the folks at Merriam-Webster as, ‘: the force created by a person’s actions that is believed in Hinduism and Buddhism toContinue reading “Karma – Shamarma . . .”

Krampus – the Anti-Claus!

In honor of Krampus, and the upcoming movie release – Inexplicable Things is proud to, once again, offer a Boxed Gift Set of Krampus Kandles for the holidays! Pre-Order is happening, NOW! This gives you first dibs on a unique, limited-time, holiday candle with a surprise fragrance, this year!  Last year, we sold out inContinue reading “Krampus – the Anti-Claus!”

October 2015 Astrology

Interesting – I hadn’t paid very close attention, but after reading this… it does make more sense. Early September, I thought everything was going along swimmingly – only to hit the end of the month like a brick wall. Emotions are high, strange sadness and near-depression-like symptoms have plagued me. I thought several times IContinue reading “October 2015 Astrology”


Happy October Minions!! What is there not to love about this most awesome of months. Not only is it my wedding anniversary, but with the month of October comes cooler weather – usually just about right for hoodies, thin sweaters, some cool neck scarves, warm booties, leggings …. As the seasons change – so doContinue reading “October!”