Blood Moon Rising Goodies

Greetings Minions!

I was finally able to get the ‘Blood Moon’ candles all packaged, charged and blessed –

These smell absolutely amazing! The fragrance chosen is one that will inspire transformation – as well as getting in touch with the current things in your life that may be requiring change. Altar work for these candles followed a similar path.

These are available in a 6 cavity clamshell melting tart – ‘scentsy’ type.

2 oz aluminum travel tin – with lid

4 oz aluminum travel tin – with lid

The travel tins are perfect for using at home, or taking with you when you travel. They are handy to use in a hotel room, or in a guest room – to spruce up the air. Or, if you prefer to work your magick outside – they are great for that type of travel, as well.  I have had clients purchase travel tins of spell candles for workings in a parking lot, neighbors’ driveway, outside the home of their intended target…LOL  The possibilities are endless!

These items can be found in my Esty shop at:

Or on my website – Inexplicable Things at:

I am proud to offer these babies with FREE (that’s right folks, FREE) Domestic Shipping!

Blood Moon Blood Moon Soy Candles Blood Moon Tarts

In addition to the ‘Blood Moon’ candles – I also have two remaining bottles of ‘Blood Moon Ghost Water’ – this water was transformed into a powerful spell or séance component when I left it over night during the Full Blood Moon in a nearby cemetery here in the bayou. Need to contact spirits or someone that has passed during the month of October – use this water to give your magick a little extra ‘oomph’ to get the job done!

The bottles are super cute and goth-y – I haven’t decorated them completely yet – for more customization. Tell me your colors and I will make it happen!

This holy grail of séance magick can be found both in my Etsy shop, as well

More fantastical items being conjured daily, my lovelies! One more day and the greatest month of the year is upon us!!!

{insert evil cackle here}

Stay tuned . . .

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